My goal is to understand things better, and make the world a more honest and less cruel place. Simple stuff.

MOBY Hello.

Spacecat Hi, Moby! Where are you now?

MOBY I'm in New York.

Ryan Are the Lopez singles your statements on what techno has become, or did you truly put your heart and soul into them?

MOBY The Lopez singles are just alter-ego releases.

Sascha Why is the video censored? MTV Sux!

MOBY MTV kind of demanded. And the record company kind of demanded. And spineless me kind of capitulated.

Dania You played at our club in El Paso 3 years ago. Since then, how would you say your shows have changed?

MOBY Well, now when I perform it's with a big old band. There are 5 of us.

echo Are you really going to stop making techno albums? I mean, how can you do that to everybody? You were one of the American forefathers of techno.

MOBY No. I'll continue to make electronic stuff.

Lopez Do you have girlfriend?

MOBY No. I'm incapable of sustained romantic involvement. It's a brain dysfunction of mine.

VoodooChild Do you find it *creepy* that people love your music so much?

MOBY I find it humbling that people like me.

BC Do you still have an apartment in NYC?

MOBY Yes, I just bought a loft on Mott street. It's lovely.

Lopez Do you love Christ?

MOBY Yes, I love Christ. I'm just not so big on Christian culture.

VanishingSon Moby, you should ramp up your message about loving Christ but not Christian culture. The public needs to hear it!

MOBY I try.

Telex Did you ever take any music theory classes?

MOBY I studied classical music and music theory for years.

gingerbread What do you think of Prodigy's recent mainstream success?

MOBY I think that Prodigy writes totally exciting pop songs. And I don't mean "pop" in a pejorative sense.

Telex Ever been down to South Beach, or played in the Miami area?

MOBY Oh yes, I love Miami. It's so degenerate -- literally and figuratively. Everything is decaying there.

freshgrrl I really like your remix of the Smashing Pumpkins' "1979." Did you enjoy working with that song?

MOBY Actually, I love the Pumpkins, but I don't love "1979." That's why the remix sounds nothing like the song.

Jamc How much do you feel Joy Division was an influence on Animal Rights? Animal Rights sounds like a direction Joy Division could have gone in, eventually, if they hadn't changed.

MOBY Yes, Joy Division was a very big influence.

otto Why'd you go along with the censorship of "That's When I Reach for my Revolver?"

MOBY At the risk of sounding gross, it was marketplace pressure via the record company.

Telex Out of all the songs you made, which is your favorite?

MOBY That's like picking a favorite child.

freshgrrl What music do you listen to often?

MOBY Classical, hardcore, metal and hip hop.

littleidiot Analog or digital? CD's or vinyl?

MOBY All of the above.

obscured Have you ever considered the idea of "...Revolver" being used as an anthem for masturbation?

MOBY I have a close friend who masturbates to "...Revolver." She thinks its sexy.

SonnyCheeba What do you think of Jenny McCarthy's meteoric rise to super-stardom?

MOBY Jenny McCarthy is a phenomenal woman.

awk Will you do more ambient stuff like the bonus disk that came with Everything is Wrong? That was some nice ear candy!

MOBY Yes, I'll continue to do lots of instrumental/ambient stuff.

freshgrrl What are your favorite authors?

MOBY Flannery O'Connor, Tenessee Williams, Walker Percy, Chekov....

JayBee When was your first homosexual experience?

MOBY I've never really had a homosexual experience.

Wendell: Do you like having all of these people acting like you're a god? Would you rather we just treat you like a peer?

MOBY I am your peer. At least in my flawed little head.

BC Not a cheery topic, but ever contemplate suicide?

MOBY Umm, uh, yes.

Dania Straight edge?

MOBY I drink on occasion. Sorry if that's disappointing.

VoodooChild What are you wearing?

MOBY I'm wearing corduroys and a big thick sweater and no hair.

otto Why did you use synthesized drums in Animal Rights?

MOBY For recording I like a combination of real and electronic stuff.

JayBee You don't get along with your parents, do you?

MOBY I get along with my mom and stepdad really well. Honestly.

Lopez What's the best song what you have ever heard?

MOBY "Macarena."

JayBee Moby got piercings and smoked cigarettes at age 13 to be "cool."

MOBY No. I started doing drugs when I was 10 to be cool, and stopped when I was 13 to be smart.

BC Do you care what others think about you?

MOBY Yes I do care what people think of me. It affects me.

BC Besides God and music, what is the most important thing to you?

MOBY Important to me? Everything, really. Honest.

Dania Have you heard of the lamb that was cloned in Scotland? What do you think of this? I think it's sad due to the fact that they don't have souls.

VoodooChild Isn't shagging sheep popular over there?

MOBY That's why they cloned the sheep. Seriously, why can't a cloned sheep have a soul? It's possessed of anima.

Dania But it's not created under God's will

MOBY It's hard for us to decipher what is and isn't God's will a lot of the time.

simba Do you like Disney movies?

MOBY Disney = Devil.

simba I'm Satanic then.

MOBY Me too. I loved Beauty and the Beast.

obscured Please tell me where I can get more of the mind-blowing facts like those in Everything is Wrong.

MOBY Worldwatch Organization.

VoodooChild What is your goal, as an artist and a person?

MOBY My goal is to understand things better, and make the world a more honest and less cruel place. Simple stuff.

littleidiot Do you hate anything?

MOBY I hate guns and cigarettes and internal combustion and cruelty in all of its forms.

VoodooChild Do you feel that keeping pets is unethical?

MOBY I think that pets and humans have evolved next to each other and it's hard to make blanket statements about them.

echo Do you read the zine Retina? I wrote a letter to the editor about your pathetic comments to Urb Magazine. If you don't enjoy "raves" anymore then just don't talk about them. Just leave the US scene alone, you're not a part of it anymore.

MOBY I'm sorry you feel that way. I was trying to offer constructive criticism.

echo Stop whining and make some good music. No wonder every decent DJ hates you.

MOBY Wow echo, why are you so nasty? Dear echo, everything's just fine. I'll still make techno. I'm sorry that DJ's hate me.

tb0 DJs don't hate you. I'm a DJ and I don't hate you.

MOBY Oh, a lot of DJ's hate me. People have a hard time when you don't just reinforce the status quo.

echo I don't want to be different, I just want to express how I feel. I like techno not punk. I don't understand how you could just turn your back on something that you helped to create.

MOBY But I've been playing music for 22 years. My allegiance is to the spirit behind the music, not to the genre itself.

echo I saw you play live two years ago and that was one of the best moments of my life. Now I just don't know.

MOBY Did you listen to my Voodoo Child album? You might like it. All electronic, no guitars. No singing.

echo Can't I express how I feel instead of conforming like the rest of you? I think Moby wants to know how everybody feels. Maybe he doesn't care.

MOBY Echo, no, please express how you feel. But try to have a dialog with me, I'm not closed minded.

Wendell: Voodoo Child is great, but not the best.

MOBY Voodoo Childwasn't supposed to be the best. It's supposed to be naive and subtle.

echo You use the same sounds throughout the entire album. You said that yourself. It seemed weird because I associated Voodoo Child with harder stuff. If you were aiming for an ambient album then that's just fine.

MOBY I intentionally wanted to use the same sounds. It's supposed to be vulnerable.

Vanishing Moby saw the same snobbery on alt.rave back a few years ago.

MOBY Talk about hate. Alt.rave was like a cancerous lung.

gingerbread Moby, why don't you remix "Macarena?"

MOBY I would like to do an 80's metal version of "Macarena."

VanishingSon MTV runs a great show called AMP which plays only techno videos.

MOBY I haven't seen AMP. I only watch Fox on Sundays from 8-10. Simpsons, King of the Hill and X-files. I'm a dork.

Telex Was there any major inspiration behind God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters?

MOBY The inspiration is the image behind the title. Does that sound too esoteric? Actually, the inspiration was Elizabeth Berkley. She is my dream woman. I like people that everyone else seems to hate.

Podgirl I heard that you were asked to work with Hole a while back.

MOBY Yes. Courtney asked me to produce her record.

Telex Do you have a favorite film composer?

MOBY Angelo Badalamenti.

glass Do you record at home, and build ideas, or do you just pop in a studio?

MOBY I do everything at home.

simba Do you shop at Generation Records and Bleeker Bob's and all those cool village CD stores?

MOBY Actually, I shop at Tower. I know, I suck.

MOBY I have to go now.

freshgrrl Bye-bye Moby!

awk Thanks for the music!

littleidiot I love you Moby!.

echo Later Moby. Sorry if I pissed anybody off. It's just how I feel.

MOBY OK, bye everybody. Thanks for talking with me.