Dimebag Darrell Shirt Deemed Inappropriate By School Officials

Mother defends student who refused to turn tee inside out.

A T-shirt bearing slain Damageplan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott's image has been deemed inappropriate by school officials in Indiana. The term "dime bag," which commonly refers to a $10 parcel of illegal drugs, violates the high school's dress code.

According to a report in the Times of Northwest Indiana, 17-year-old Lake Central High School junior Timothy Briones was called down to the school's dean's office last week and was asked to turn his shirt inside out as it violated the school's uniform dress code. But Briones, who idolizes the guitarist, refused; he returned to class and was not disciplined for his defiance.

Briones claims he's worn the shirt to school before without incident. His mother, Debra Briones, characterized the dean's request as a clear attempt to violate the student's First Amendment rights. She told the Times that she visited the school's principal this week with various news articles on Dimebag and tried to demonstrate to school administrators that the guitarist was a "good guy," but the principal refused to read the clippings.

Lake Central School Superintendent Janet Emerick told the paper that the district's dress code applies to all students, and prohibits apparel "that alludes to drugs, alcohol, sex, the occult, gangs, profanity" or is otherwise "offensive to ethnic or racial groups." Debra Briones said all she wants is for her son to be permitted to wear the shirt to class.

Former Pantera guitarist Abbott was one of four victims gunned down by Nathan Gale during a Damageplan concert at a Columbus, Ohio, nightclub on December 8, 2004 (see "Dimebag Darrell, Four Others Killed In Ohio Concert Shooting").

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