Reel Big Fish

Everything sucks! It's a song about the Aqua Bats, a band in Southern California.

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Hello everybody.

Anthony Hey Tavis. Man, your new album rocks.

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Thanks. Dan is here somewhere.

rodeojones What do you play Tavis?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Trumpet.

cornball Where the hell can I find a copy of "Everything Sucks?"

ReelBigFish-TAVIS You can't. It's all gone. Not a single one left.

cornball Argh, are you ever going to re-release it?

REELBigFish-DAN Yes.

rodeojones What bands have inspired you guys?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Suburban Rhythm, Specials, English Beat, Sublime, Poison...

REELBigFish-DAN Reel Big Fish is all about poison.

houdini Why did you guys skip Texas when planning your tour?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Umm, it's too big?

Anthony Hey what inspired you guys to write "Everything Sucks?"

REELBigFish-DAN Everything sucks! It's a song about the Aqua Bats, a band in Southern California.

Anthony How do you guys feel about your stuff being put on the commercial radio? I thought that sucked.

ReelBigFish-TAVIS We think it's cool 'cause lots of people can hear our music.

Anthony I guess that's cool, but to me it just seemed you guys would not like that kinda thing because you did not want to sellout.

ReelBigFish-TAVIS We did not sell out.

REELBigFish-DAN "Sellout" needs to be on the radio. That's the whole joke.

houdini Were any of your horn players in high school band?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS All of 'em.

Anthony Do you guys like Less Than Jake?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS We love everybody.

Darren What's with the song "Snoop Dogg Baby?"

ReelBigFish-TAVIS It's about a girl who sang a song about Snoop Dogg.

REELBigFish-DAN Baby.

Anthony What label where you guys on before MOJO?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS We weren't on a label. We were a punk-rock-indie band.

SONICMOD How long has Reel Big Fish been together?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS About 3 years.

Anthony Hey who plays the rubber chicken in the "Everything Sucks" video?

REELBigFish-DAN Dan.

houdini What's the greatest movie ever made?

REELBigFish-DAN Star Wars.

Darren Clerks.


REELBigFish-DAN You guys are lame.

christi If you could be any fruit, which fruit would you be, and why?

ReelBigFish-TAVIS Tomato.

Anthony Did either of you guys go to college?

REELBigFish-DAN We both went to college.

REELBigFish-DAN We have to go. See you when we come to the Bay area.