Rock Promises Brutal Action In 'Spy Hunter' Flick, Spills Details About Game

Alec Sects will step out of car in next game installment; movie targeted for 2006.

Master Chief still isn't showing his face. Super Mario still isn't changing his clothes. But, in his next video game, the man behind the wheel of "Spy Hunter" is finally getting out of his car.

That's the word according to the man who will play the "Spy Hunter" hero — sometimes known as Alec Sects — in the 2006 big-screen adaptation of the 1983 arcade classic: the Rock.

Sitting down last week to talk with MTV News about his star turn in next week's "Doom," the former wrestling great and current action hero gave up a little info about his next game-to-Hollywood adaptation and how the game itself is shaping up.

Among the revelations was news that the next "Spy Hunter" video game, of which not even a screen shot has been seen, will be the first of the series to continue the action off four wheels and onto two feet. The series' signature action will no longer be relegated to a car that can transform into a boat, spill oil slicks and waft smokescreens.

"What's going to be great about 'Spy Hunter 3' is you are going to be able to get out of the car," the Rock said. "Before, in 'Spy Hunter 1' or 'Spy Hunter 2,' it was just about the Interceptor, the car. You'd drive or you'd fly or you'd be on the boat or things like that and you'd have all these amazing battles. But now, once the battles stop, the car stops. Now you've got to go find these people and you've got to go hunt them down. You've got to kill them."

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And what will the spy hunter look like when he gets out of the car? Expect a familiar face with an oh-so-familiar eyebrow. "It's gonna be me," said the Rock, who recently did some motion-capture work for the game.

Rock promises some brutal action. In fact he said his previous video game work had forced him to only show his softer side. "I've done some motion capture with wrestling games," he said. "In wrestling games I did the moves, which were great, and they're cool moves like DDTs and my signature moves. But you wouldn't do them to kill the person. Now the moves have gone from gear shift five to all the way up to like 10. So now the moves you do to kill. Neck snaps ... boom! It's awesome."

As for the movie, the Rock said the video game car is making a successful transition to the big screen. "That thing is unbelievable. It jets off that mountain, turns into a boat when it hits the water, comes right back on the ground, turns into a motorcycle. It's really incredible." The script is now being handled by writer Stuart Beattie, who worked on "Pirates of the Caribbean."

The "Spy Hunter" movie is expected to be released in 2006. Midway, the publisher for the "Spy Hunter" game series, declined to offer any details about the game, though it is expected to be released alongside the movie.

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