DJ Kool

Basically the reason why I record live is because I'm trying to be a little bit different than everyone else.

Moderator Tell us about your new album. The single is pretty popular.

DJ KOOL It's gonna be called Back To The Old School because that's the direction I'm taking hip hop back to.

Moderator What artists influenced you while growing up?

DJ KOOL James Brown, George Clinton and Stevie Wonder.

Joi Who's your favorite rap artist?

DJ KOOL From the old school: Public Enemy. From the new school: Busta Rhymes.

Yoda What's some shit you do on the regular for fun?

DJ KOOL I like to play basketball a lot and John Madden football on Sega.

Moderator How did you get into the gogo scene in DC?

DJ KOOL The gogo scene was just there. I was born and raised in DC.

Luke They should try to do some shit where they bring some gogo bands to clubs and smaller venues throughout the US to get national respect.

DJ KOOL That's a good thing, but it's very hard to transport gogo bands because there's at least 9 to 12 members in a gogo band. Therefor you have to pay at least 9 to 12 airfares plus accommodations, equipment and roadies. It adds up to be an expensive situation.

Joi DJ Kool, ya married or somethin?


Yoda What do you think about College Radio?

DJ KOOL I think college radio is the bomb. It gives a lot of artists the chance to be heard on the radio.

glass What do you think of hip hop having influence on the techno, trip hop and rave scenes?

DJ KOOL Hip hop is so versatile that I'm quite sure they could find a way to blend the two. It would turn out to be a good thing as far as music is concerned.

Joi DJ Kool, I love the song "I Got Dat Feelin'."

DJ KOOL Thank you. It will possibly be our next single.

Moderator I like that you record things live and that American is finally giving an MC -- other than Chino -- props.

DJ KOOL Thank you. Basically the reason why I record live is because I'm trying to be a little bit different than everyone else.

Moderator Are you into Bounty Killer?

DJ KOOL Yes, I'm into Bounty Killer.

Yoda What religious denomination are you?

DJ KOOL I try to practice the principles of Islam as best as I possibly can.

Moderator Are you vegetarian, or just no pork?

DJ KOOL I just don't eat pork or red meat.

Moderator Would you like to produce anyone?

DJ KOOL Yes I plan on starting a production company after I finish my LP. Probably sometime this summer.

Moderator Who would you like to tour with?

DJ KOOL I'd like to tour with Busta Rhymes, KRS-One, LL, and maybe even Public Enemy.

Moderator Where do you see hip hop in 10 years?

DJ KOOL Probably getting the same amount of respect as other genres of music at events such as the Grammy's etc.

Yoda What are some hip hop artists that you think -- point blank -- are WAK?

DJ KOOL As far as I'm concerned, what's wak to me might be dope to somebody else. So, no comment.

glass Do you see vinyl being produced into the next century? Or, do you think technology will change the DJ's tools?

DJ KOOL Hopefully, they will still be producing vinyl. That's what the real DJ's want, and that's why we're fighting so hard to keep it. All the real DJ's are going to keep fighting for the preservation of 12" records.

FORTYoz Are you a fan of any West coast artists? Or, mostly East coast?

DJ KOOL Yes, I'm a fan of some West coast artists, like Scarface and NWA (when they were together), strictly for the entertainment value. Not that I actually condoned anything they were speaking on.

Moderator What do you have to say about MTV and how they control hip hop (via their tricky rules on what can be seen) when alternative artists have carte blanche?

DJ KOOL It's just a part of our struggle to be treated equally as any other groups -- alternative or otherwise.

glass MTV makes me want to smoke crack.

DJ KOOL Stop watching MTV. Just say no.

glass What are your favorite sampling machines?

DJ KOOL Akai and Insonic machines.

Moderator Are you into Gil Scot Heron?

DJ KOOL Yes, Gil Scott Heron was one of the earliest rappers.

glass Do you have any favorite rock-type bands, or non-hip hop favorites that you dig?

DJ KOOL Me'chele N'degeochello, Biohazard and a few others.

swatkat How much responsibility should rappers take for the so-called destructive effect on the youth?

DJ KOOL They should take full responsibility, because their music is very influential.

swatkat So you don't agree where some (most) artists are going lyrically?

DJ KOOL It's not that I don't agree. I fully understand what they're talking about, but some of the things they say could be very misleading to those that don't really understand.

FORTYoz What's your favorite movie?

DJ KOOL My first favorite movie is Scarface and my second favorite movie is the Nutty Professor.

Moderator If you had to pick anyone to be president who would it be?

DJ KOOL Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Yoda Farrakhan's an idiot.

DJ KOOL Maybe we need to get together and listen to the Minister one day and maybe I can help you to understand what he's talking about.

Yoda But he's ridiculous. Not a religious man at all. He's very powerful and intelligent, but... he's gay.

Moderator He isn't gay.

swatkat He's just racist.

DJ KOOL No, he's not anti-white. He's pro-black. There's a very big difference.

Yoda How old are you and what kind of education did you have? (Formal schooling, not LIFE education.)

DJ KOOL I'd rather not discuss my age. I'm a high school graduate. I decided not to go to college because I went directly into music.

Yoda You mess with alcohol?

DJ KOOL Nononononon.

Thanks for the conversation. Keep listening for DJ Kool material. Peace. I'm out.