Suspect Charged In Murder Of Beanie Sigel's Stepfather

Authorities rule out connection to rapper's recent acquittal.

Police charged a 22-year-old Northwest Philadelphia man Monday afternoon with the murder of Beanie Sigel's stepfather, Samuel Derry, less than a week after Derry's burned remains were discovered in Philadelphia's Mount Airy neighborhood. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, detectives believe drugs factored into Derry's assassination, but remained otherwise tightlipped about their ongoing investigation.

Officials quashed speculation that the October 4 homicide of 46-year-old Derry was linked to Sigel's recent acquittal on attempted-murder charges or to the subsequent kidnapping and beating of family acquaintance Wallace Moody (see "Beanie Sigel Acquitted In Attempted-Murder Trial"), the Inquirer reports.

Derry's accused killer, Kevin Green, turned himself over to Montgomery County Correctional Facility authorities on unrelated drug charges just hours after Derry's body was found. Police did not explain why Green wasn't charged with murder before Monday or whether they were still on the hunt for more suspects.

Witnesses recalled seeing two men drag Derry's body from a large van during the pre-dawn hours of October 4; the vehicle left the area quietly. The results of an autopsy conducted on Derry's remains and released last week confirmed multiple gunshot wounds caused his death (see "Beanie Sigel's Stepfather Murdered").

Moody's abduction on Wednesday was initially thought to be a connected crime (see "Beanie Sigel's Lawyer: Murder Of Rapper's Stepfather Unrelated To Acquittal"); that possibility has since been ruled out by authorities. Moody told police he was beaten and burned with a propane torch by captors who later released him blocks away from a hospital. He was arrested on Thursday for unrelated parole violations, the Inquirer reports.