The Cure

I never practice.

banshee Jason, you are the shit!

JASON What's your problem, banshee -- was that a compliment?

Lament Talk to Steve Severin anymore?

ROBERT No, I only dream about him.

jenlisea How is Mary, Robert?

ROBERT Mary is lovely.

Albino Jason, were you a Cure fan before you joined the band?

JASON Yes, from about 1980, with Seventeen Seconds.

low23 What's it like being in the Cure? It must be very odd.

JASON It started a whole new phase of my life -- everything has changed for the better.

jenlisea Does Mary listen to you practice at home?

ROBERT I never practice.

golok When does the Cure's Website go up?

ROBERT The Cure house page [] is being built. It will certainly be up within the next few days at the latest. Roger and me are making some "decorating" changes.

Jupiter Robert, if you would just tell me hi, it would make all of this waiting worth it!

banshee Jason, how have you liked playing the old Cure songs?

JASON It's been great and a little nerve-racking -- I like the old songs so it's good.

golok Jason, what kind of drum kit are you using for the tour?

JASON Yamaha drums.

Lucetta Robert -- thanks for saving my life!

Kenneth There has been a rumor that Robert said Cure fans on the Internet are not real fans. This was being passed around the Babble mailing list.

ROBERT I didn't say fans on the Net aren't real fans -- but I suppose part of the problem with the Net is that nothing can ever really be verified. I think the problem is that anyone can be "Robert" on the Net. That's the problem, although I do see how that's part of the fun.

Clash Does it ever upset you that "Friday I'm in Love" is your most recognized song?

ROBERT It has to be something. I would prefer if we were known for "Deep Green Sea."

Snotface Is the band ever going to tour South Africa?

ROGER Snotface, please leave and come back with a nice name.

Quake Do you think that you're the Pink Floyd of the '80s?


Clash How would you rank "Mint Car" among your songs?

ROBERT "Mint Car" is idiot pop.

acer1 Would you ever consider retiring some of the older songs from your shows, or do they just keep getting better?

ROBERT We play the songs we feel like doing at the time.

acer1 Think you'll ever feel like playing "The Exploding Boy"?

ROBERT You're the third person to ask that today! And I still don't know.

Albino When are you going to release the b-sides collection?

ROBERT The retrospective stuff will all be out next summer.

moontoo If we had lots of money and/or nothing to do with the rest of our lives, my wife and I would be following you around the country like the Deadheads, making little tent towns and everything.

Amy If I wait forever before or after the concert can I see you all? Or do I need backstage passes? That would be sad cause I don't know how to get those.

babe Where are you gonna eat in New York?

ROGER I want to go that bar on Ludlow Street. I think that it is called Bar Monday.

petter Roger, what do you think about Robert as a person/friend?

ROGER I love Robert.

Rache We love him too.

Matty3 What's your favorite beer?

ROBERT My dad's homemade.

Amy If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you choose?

ROGER A dog, obviously.

ahlbom Everybody's talking about a song called "To the Sky" -- where can I find it?

ROBERT "To the Sky" was on a Fiction Records sampler CD [Stranger Than Fiction] released in 1989.

Stabber Robert, why don't you answer our questions?

ROBERT Because the screen is scrolling so f*cking fast I can't read it!

Meow-Meow Is Perry there?

PERRY Perry is having some food.

Amy I'm confused and befuddled. Once again my horse and I thank you for wonderful music to ride to! Excellent tempo and beat for a trot and canter!

OrlandoFL I got a weird feeling this really isn't the Cure.

ROBERT You're right, this isn't really us at all. My point exactly.