Fall Out Boy/ Killers Beef Gives Birth To A Song

'Sugar' rockers respond with 'You Can't Spell 'Star' Without A&R.'

Pete Wentz is getting the final word once again. Just days after the Killers' Ronnie Vannucci downplayed any burgeoning beef between his band and Fall Out Boy, the verbose (and Internet-savvy) Wentz posted an entry in his blog at FueledByRamen.com looking to get the absolute, total, 100 percent last say on the matter.

"There is no beef, just seitan. Just getting rattled over nothing," he wrote. "Just too much makeup and no hearts, just egos on the sleeves over here in Fall Out Boy land."

The post not only ended the Killers/FOB beef in near world-record time — the whole thing started less than two weeks ago (see "Killers Get More Beef — This Time With Fall Out Boy") — but also managed to give a shout-out to "the vegetarian wheat meat" and be confusing all at once (a true trifecta). So to get to the bottom of all this, MTV News decided to go straight to Wentz for the scoop.

"Well, at first I was kind of bummed out by the whole thing, because there are a lot of bands that talk bad about us, but when it's a band that actually writes good songs, it's a bum-out, because it's harder to overlook," he said from his hotel room in Albany, New York. "And I thought it was kind of ridiculous, because that band is like quadruple-million-platinum. And to be jealous or imply that you don't like sharing your A&R guy with an untalented band seemed kind of lame. But I think both [Killers frontman] Brandon [Flowers] and I are alike because we both use too much hair product and run our mouths way more than our bands like."

Those sentiments were echoed by Vannucci when he put the beef to bed earlier this week (see "Killers Give Details On New LP, Admit They Kind Of Like Fall Out Boy"). But just because the feud appears to be dead, doesn't mean Wentz still can't give the corpse a couple of swift kicks. Seems he and Fall Out frontman Patrick Stump have been busy churning out songs for a new album. One in particular manages to get in a not-so-subtle dig at Flowers, who started this whole flap by complaining in an interview that his band's A&R rep now focuses all his time on Fall Out Boy. It's a tune called "You Can't Spell 'Star' Without A&R."

"It's about our A&R guy, Rob Stevenson, who's always getting caught in the middle of all the beefs between us and the Killers and the Bravery," Wentz laughed. "But it's more about everyone thinking they're the new W. Axl Rose, just running their mouths and living in this world where nothing is real. Like, it's really easy to write a couple of songs, but that doesn't mean you get to run your mouth. The only guy who can do that is Michael Jackson. He wrote Thriller, so he can say anything he wants."

Wentz said Fall Out boy have 12 new songs written, with about 30 "fragments" of other songs floating around. "Bands should concentrate more on writing new songs and less about running their mouths," Wentz concluded. "That's what we're doing."

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