There is too much sex and violence in the lyrics today.

RunDMC Run-D.M.C. in the house.

CyberCafe Is this all three of you?

RunDMC No, just D.M.C.

JonDoe Are you guys going on tour soon?

RunDMC Yeah, we are getting ready to hit the road in July.

tribe Any singles or albums coming out soon?

RunDMC Our new single will be out by fall, and the album will be out in December.

CyberCafe D.M.C., do a rhyme.

RunDMC I step to the beats hard/I see God/True comin' through/With new unique odd/Styles that I flip/Wild from my lip/It ain't nothin' funny/About the money/That I grip/Yeah, I'm a vet/And better yet when I come up running son you better step.

CyberCafe What made you become a rapper?

RunDMC I heard a group called the Cold Crush, a rap group from back in the day. 1978-79 is when I first heard them.

Mulch What do you think is the biggest difference between rap today and when you started out?

RunDMC There is too much sex and violence in the lyrics today.

Cyber4 What church does Run preach at?

RunDMC Zoe Ministries, 103rd and Riverside (Manhattan).

Mulch Do you think it's irresponsible for rap artists to pose for malt liquor ads?

RunDMC I think that it's not good, because we are role models and we influence a lot of kids. People want to be like us -- the things that we endorse, they endorse also.