Public Enemy

I gets mad love wherever I go by real people.

Chuck D chats on Election Day about his first solo album, Autobiography of Mista Chuck, and his plans for himself and Public Enemy.

NeTTrex Did you vote today? Who did you vote for?

ChuckD I voted earlier today, around 10 a.m. My vote was heavily toward the Democratic party. Nassau County [Long Island] is heavily Republican, so I see their dirt every day.

bgw Do you feel that the Democratic Party really addresses the issues concerning African Americans?

ChuckD Not exactly like they should, but they are accountable to a little bit more black pressure because of the black vote.

bgw How is your new record different from what you've done with Public Enemy?

ChuckD More grooves, lower tempos and topics about the music industry from a personal point of view.

SonicMod Who produced your album?

ChuckD My record was produced by various new producers -- Mr. Elite ( a young kid from Maryland), Soul G (Brooklyn) and Abnormal (Long Island) -- as well as some names you might know: Isaac Hayes, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler and Gary G-Wiz.

trickier Tell us about the new record you're doing with Tricky.

ChuckD That will probably be next year. Tricky covered one of my records two years ago. We share some philosophical views.

trickier Anyone else you plan on collaborating with soon?

ChuckD Bobby "Blue" Bland, Rage Against the Machine and

Goodie Mob.

trickier Goodie Mob is dope, but why Rage Against the Machine?

ChuckD I like Rage Against the Machine. They have something to say. They are energetic and very consciously against oppressing forces.

bgw What's it like being solo now?

ChuckD I am not really solo. PE is coming out with new music next year, and there is still the same core of 20-25 individuals that make up the project.

SonicMod Do you feel the record industry screwed you over?

ChuckD No. The record industry is what it is. I believe that for the last 70 years black artists haven't gotten a fair shake.

SonicMod What do you think black artists can do to get out of the materialist rut that sets a bad example?

ChuckD I think record companies need artist development departments to train artists on what's real and what's fantasy.

trickier What's Flavor Flav up to these days?

katt Will Professor Griff ever re-join PE?

ChuckD Both Griff and Flav are getting ready for next year.

katt Do you have any plans for movie roles?

ChuckD I have no plans to act in movies, but I would like to do scores and musical supervision, or soundtracks.

SonicMod I caught PE a couple of years ago with Sisters of Mercy and Young Black Teenagers. What was it like to tour with such a variety of acts?

ChuckD I always do a lot of things with a variety of acts. It makes rap shine and stand out.

trickier I saw you all with U2 and the Sugarcubes. What do you think of Bjork?

ChuckD She is all right -- she believes in what she does. That is all you can ask for.

Beck How'd you come to do that guest appearance on Sonic Youth's "Kool Thing"?

ChuckD We happened to be using the same studio when they were recording Goo and I was recording Fear of a Black Planet. Over the same order of Chinese food, I decided to step into their session and do something.

SonicMod Slow up on the questions a little, OK? Chuck's not the greatest typist, and he's trying to keep up with y'all.

trickier ::Shakes Chuck's hand for actually typing with his own hands.::

bgw What are your feelings concerning Tupac?

ChuckD Until he shows up, I am gonna have to believe he's dead.

madscot Do you feel that gangster rap is giving rap a bad name?

ChuckD I believe that every story should be told. I think Jeru the Damaja, Common, De La Soul, Speech, Nonchalant, Goodie Mob, etc. need to get more publicity.

madscot What do you think about accusations that PE is so pro-black that you are almost anti-white?

ChuckD By this time, if my pro-blackness is offensive, those that feel that way need to get a life.

SonicMod How do you feel about some hiphop artists' disrespect of women?

ChuckD I disagree with it. But actions speak louder than words -- usually women get the last say anyway.

katt Do you believe in life on other planets?

ChuckD It would be stupid not to believe in life on other planets. This isn't the only planet, nor is it the center of the universe.

katt Do you believe the Mothership is coming to save black people?

madscot What is this Mothership theory?

ChuckD I don't have the time to explain the Mothership theory. Search the Web.

ChuckD Can you believe Charles Barkley -- 20 points and 33 rebounds against Phoenix? Oh my God!

trickier Sonics or Bulls, Chuck?

ChuckD I have been a Knicks fan for 30 years. Besides the Knicks I don't care who wins. Other teams mean nothing to me.

ChuckD Thanks a lot, everyone, for tuning in. If you were old enough to vote, I hope you made the right choice. Good luck and God bless to all of you on the Net.