'Star Wars: Battlefront II': An Exclusive First Look

Game will ship for PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC.

Any self-respecting "Star Wars" fan probably already has November 1 marked on their calendar.

That's the date when the people behind Yoda, Vader and — whether they're proud of it or not — Jar Jar Binks will release "Revenge of the Sith" on DVD and deliver "Star Wars: Battlefront II," the sequel to the best-selling "Star Wars" video game of all time.

(For an exclusive look at the latest "Battlefront" trailer, check out the Games section of MTV.com.)

Fans know all about "Sith" already, but "Battlefront II" is another story. It builds off the original's focus on large-scale online combat, and allows players to engage in battles from each of the six "Star Wars" films. Players can pick sides, playing as Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, Boba Fett or the Emperor.

For the sequel, the game is taking the battles to space, allowing players to command X-wings, TIE fighters and engage Rebel squadrons and the Imperial armada. The developers say that the mix between space and territorial combat will allow players to swoop toward a Star Destroyer, jump out of their ship and fight on foot right through the ship's hallways.

The game is geared for online play, but the developer, Pandemic, has listened to the main complaint about the original game and beefed up the single-player experience. The solo campaign will put players in the boots of the 501st, Darth Vader's personal legion of stormtroopers.

Word of mouth on the title has been good, a positive sign for "Star Wars" gamers beleaguered by the franchise's spotty gaming history. For each fondly remembered "Star Wars" game, fans can point to the duds (ask a gamer about "Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasai"). But a recent reorganization at LucasArts has resulted in a renewed focus on games. Will "Battlefront II" be part of a winning streak?

The game will ship for PS2, Xbox, PSP and PC.