Jam Master Jay

I was a DJ, I always put the music on the street. I was the neighborhood DJ.

JAM MASTER JAY What's up, it's Jam Master. I am checkin' what's the deal?

Hot Pants Jam Master Jay, how did you get started in the bidness?

JAM MASTER JAY When I was in Jr. High, Run and myself used to manage Kurtis Blow. I was the neighborhood DJ. We always wanted to have a group. It didn't happen instantly, but about 5 years later, we had the hook up.

jjjj Jam Mr. Jay, if you plee-eeze, could you tell me what it's like to be a rapper? Do you have a hot tub? Are you sick of it all? Or are you in your truest form right now?

JAM MASTER JAY What it's like? Being down with a rap group is a blessing from GOD...to do what I wanted to do in life. And as far as the hot tub, yeah it's a Jacuzzi. You can also get a Jacuzzi by working as a carpenter. It's what you get out of life.

JDog You ever do radio drops?

Hot Pants Do you ever hang out with Steven Tyler anymore?

JAM MASTER JAY I do radio drops whenever I can. Steven Tyler, he's a mad cool cat. I never really got to hang out with him much.

JDog Oh, word? I got a college radio show here at Marquette University in downtown Milwaukee.. how could I hook that up?

JAM MASTER JAY Well JDog, give me a call. 212-229-5241 that's JMJ records. Give me a call... and I'll do what I can for you.

Hot Pants When are you dropping your next album?

JAM MASTER JAY We are supposed to drop an album at the end of '96. I am dropping Suga at the end of September '96, Shalene also in '96, with a single with Case. Onyx is also dropping in '96, Joe Sinister is also trying to drop a single in '96.

Hot Pants JMJ, have you seen Tupac's new video with all the pretty girlies?

JAM MASTER JAY Yeah Tupac is off the Hook...

Hot Pants What do you mean Tupac is off the hook?

JAM MASTER JAY Off The hook is like... he is doing his thing, being what he wants to be in his life.

JAM MASTER JAY My first love is to entertain. If I came in behind the desk it

would just be different.

ManiacMat Who are your favorite music video directors to work with?

JAM MASTER JAY I like to work with everyone, I can't single everyone out... Diane Martel, she is off the hook.

ManiacMat Jay, are you born again like Rev. Run?

JAM MASTER JAY Yeah, I am born again, We have always been Christian. We always give GOD props. We used to pray to God that we would blow up and we did. I have been into GOD all my life, I go to church sometimes.

Hot Pants JMJ, are you solo now, or do you still work with the other brothers in Run DMC?

JDog You checked out any or all of Nas' or De La's shit? What do you think of them Lps?

ManiacMat Both are the bomb!!!

JAM MASTER JAY The new NAS is incredible -- he is the new Rakim, if you from NY no doubt you will be able to relate to Nas. And De La, the one with Common Sense is off the hook! I am gonna sign Common.., He has developed so much. Back in the day it was between him and Onyx and I just didn't have the juice to do it. I still want to sign him.

Hot Pants Does your religiousness ever come in conflict with the hiphop lifestyle?

JAM MASTER JAY NO. It's always been... I was a DJ, I always put the music on the street. I was the neighborhood DJ. Russel taught me how to produce other people. Now I am producing multiple groups. Working under the arm of Def Jam.

ManiacMat Who are your favorite entertainers of all time?

JAM MASTER JAY Mat, I like -- I am an open person, off the top -- I am trying not to say Michael Jackson, but he was hot all my life. Michael Jackson was a dope young inspiration that I could relate to. I just wanted to say that Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan are also great entertainers in my life.

ManiacMat Would you ever do a St. Ides commercial? What do you think of the whole East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry? Who do you think the best lyricists are today???

ManiacMat What do you think of Russell Simmons' highly publicized lifestyle?

JAM MASTER JAY I think that it's a part of the life that he chose (about Russell). That's a part of what Russell is doing, if you hang out around stars, you become a star. He always had the opportunity to become a star. he just waited until he did what he wanted to do.

JAM MASTER JAY Russell Simmons... when I was young he was Run's brother, I was 12 and he was 16. Russell was the person to meet. He exploited the rap in me. He promoted it with all his heart and soul. He took it to the Village, Harlem. 3000 kids would come to see Grandmaster Flash. Run was already rhymin' at these parties and he would kill everyone, cause he was young. Russell has believed since he was young. He is a true believer. He deserves a lot more than what he has. I remember when radio wouldn't play it because it was rap.

ManiacMat Have you been in any movies besides Tougher than Leather and Krush Groove?

JAM MASTER JAY No movies other than those.

And-Ru You're about as live as Elvis/ kids ridin' my pelvis/ jockin' it/ clockin' it/ when I'm on the mic rocking it/ I'm gettin' more ill then Madd Cattle/ step up to the battle/ Why you trying to play me/ Producers wanna pay me/ I ain't gettin' shit from your mom that girl just ain't a lady


ManiacMat Do you know Runny Ray?

JAM MASTER JAY Of course I know Runny Ray. Run DMC will never do a show without him. He does everything for me.

ManiacMat Cool.

smirkin Jam Master Jay, were Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 the first rappers you heard?

JAM MASTER JAY No they were not, Rodney Jones, a kid in my neighborhood. Everybody was rappin. The Bambatta tapes... I was in 6th grade.

brygo Hey JMJ, did Rudy Ray Moore have an effect on you at all? I've met him twice. He seems like a real good person.

Hot Pants Now that the Fugees are bringing hiphop back into the live instrumental arena, how will that affect the old turntable style?

JAM MASTER JAY Hip Hop was never in the live for them to bring it back.... Hip Hop can only go further. Creativity is going to keep everything alive. I have made many sacrifices for the group.

smirkin What about Iceberg Slim and that record "Reflections" that's rap, I think, yeah? And what's your opinion of Iceberg. Does he make the pimping life seem too glamorous?

ManiacMat If you had to go out with either Lauren from the Fugees or the woman from Groove Theory, who would you choose?

JAM MASTER JAY Iceberg Slim -- I haven't heard his stuff, but he sound like a pimp. Mel and Lauryn -- they both crazy hot . I am married but they are both cool people and still my friends.

JAM MASTER JAY Thanks everyone for chatting on the internet. Run DMC will be dropping in '96 and we will come chat again. Look out for ONYX, Joe Sinister, Sherlen, Suga. I would love to stay on and chat more but I have to sacrifice. Peace.