We use a special 'clear' machine.

Seed recording artists Ivy came by the SonicNet office for an on-line happening in honor of their new release, Realistic. Andy, Adam, and Dominique fielded questions on everything from Muff Boxes to the Muppets. Read on....

(SONIC HOST) We're here with IVY. So, who's the voice of IVY tonight?

(IVY) I'm Adam, official stenographer of IVY.

(SONIC HOST) Hope you get an extra fee, Adam.

(IVY) I get double royalties.

(MIKE JORDAN) Cool...I have the ep and I like it very much.

(IVY) Thanks, Mike.

(IVY) Our album just came out last week. Has anyone heard it yet?

(SONIC HOST) Yeah, like it a lot...

(IVY) Thanks...we're fishing for compliments.

(MIKE JORDAN) Unfortunately I haven't got around to the store yet to buy it, how does it compare?

(IVY) Dominique says: it's moodier, and more diverse.

(CYBERBABE) Are you happy with it?

(IVY) Andy: Yes, Cyberbabe...we're happy, but we've had too much time to listen to it since we finished it.

(MIKE JORDAN) Ivy, what is your background as a band?

(IVY) We started kind of by accident about a year and a half ago. We recorded one song just for fun.

(MIKE JORDAN) Any touring plans?

(SKABOY) I take it you're like a hardcore band?

(IVY) Yeah, we used to be in Fugazi.

(SONIC HOST) Har har har. So, touring plans?

(IVY) We're working on it...nothing definite yet.

(SKABOY) Ivy, you still like to see other underground bands that are unsinged or not even on indie lables?

(IVY) We see a lot of bands here in NYC, some signed, some unsigned.

(CYBERBABE) Where are you from NY?

(IVY) Andy and Dominique live on the West Side, Adam lives in the Village.

(SKABOY) I take it you haven't seen anything out here on the island, we actually have a few good bands out here that are striveing to get big but also to stay small.

(SONIC HOST) How did IVY all hook up?

(IVY) In the meantime...Andy and Domi met five years ago. Adam came in later.

(MIKE JORDAN) Ivy,(a bit off subject but I'm obsessed with this band right now!) what do you think of Versus?

(IVY) Mark, our friend, likes Versus a lot. We've heard of them, but that's about it.

(MIKE JORDAN) Okay...I had to ask...back to your band...what other bands are you into now and in the past?

(IVY) Andy: We like Luna, Swell, Go-Betweens, Divine Comedy...

(MIKE JORDAN) Luna are amazing! I can definitely hear that in your music.

(IVY) Domi: Yeah, Mike...we especially like the sound of their last album...it's so warm.

(SONIC HOST) IVY, there seems to be a My Bloody Valentine influence on the new record, are you all fans?

(IVY) Domi: Yeah, sure.

(SONIC HOST) There seems to be a Nico vibe on the new record at times.

(IVY) So we've heard...we don't exactly see it.

(SONIC HOST) Dom, what was your impression of American music before you came here?

(IVY) Domi: I always loved it...I was a big Velvets fan when I was young.

(SKABOY) So you see any bands that are gonna break it big or that should?

(IVY) Ska...keep your eyes out for Candy Butchers...they're great.

(MIKE JORDAN) It is a good record...focusing on your music, how do you guys get together and write a song? And what are your main goals when writing a song?

(IVY) Mike...we try to collaborate on everything to a certain degree. Everybody contributes something to every song.

(SONIC HOST) Does it ever get competitive?

(IVY) Not really, I think it's more competitive in a band where writers write seperately.

(MIKE JORDAN) So there's some give and take...do you write in the studio or practice a lot?

(IVY) Andy: We mostly write at home in our apartments...we flesh them out in the studio.

(SKABOY) Have you travled around enuf to find really cool places to jam at, throughout the country?

(IVY) We haven't travelled too much yet...only East Coast stuff.

(SKABOY) Honestly what do you think of the NYC scene?

(IVY) Skaboy, we're not too up on the NYC scene...there's not a lot of music here we relate to.

(MIKE JORDAN) Who produced the new record?

(IVY) Mike, it was "co-produced" by Kurt Ralske and us.

(MIKE JORDAN) When I listen to the ep it always reminds me of this summer when I first bought it, hopefully the album will also have the same memorable effect...what would you like people to take from your music?

(IVY) Mike, Exactly what you took...some kind of a memory ...a feeling of a period of your life when you played the song.

(VERONICA) Where are you touring now?

(IVY) We're going to play in France and England in April.

(MIKE JORDAN) Do you put a lot of personal experience into your lyrics or is it a bit more abstract or fictitious?

(IVY) Domi: Both, Mike.

(SKABOY) What about the cover art?

(IVY) The cover art was given to us by a friend named Miranda Lichtenstein. It's an old film still of a girl who's fallen off of her bike.

(SKABOY) Lichensten the last name sounds fmiliar, is she related to any artist?

(IVY) Yeah, Robert Rauschenberg.

(VERONICA) Didn't they close Seed at Atlantic and launch Taag in its place? This rotating label stuff has may cranium spinning and that's not hard these days.

((MIKE JORDAN) Are there any bands out now that you would like to tour with? How is the label treating the album? Making a big push or sort of letting it grow by word of mouth?

(IVY) Andy: We might do some shows with Bettie Serveert...with a little luck.

(VERONICA) Speaking from perspective, Ivy, is there anything you wish now that you'd done differently when you started?

(IVY) Andy: Gone to plumbing school. Seriously, we could have been more prepared going into the studio...but we thrive on chaos.

(MIKE JORDAN) So did Taag replace Seed and how does that effect you?

(IVY) Mike, we have no idea what's going on over there.

(VERONICA) I'm always interested in band politics: how do you make decisions and how do you vote on things?

(SKABOY) Ok heres a good question :]

(IVY) Andy: It has to be unanimous.

(MIKE JORDAN) If it had to be unanimous in my band we'd never get anything done.

(IVY) What band is that?

(MIKE JORDAN) We're called the Gertie Band (I didn't choose the name) actually I am just filling in on bass but its sort of gotten a little more permanent because they don't know anyone else that plays bass.

(VERONICA) Chank from Cake magazine just called, he says hello. He's designing a new typeface now.

(IVY) Chank, we know that guy, he's doing a poster for us. Tell him my name is Adam, not Andrew.

(SKABOY) IVY: what is the most embarassing thing that you did while listening to music and what is it and is it leagl in the states

(IVY) Most embarrasing thing? Hmmm...we're working on it.

(SONIC HOST) What inspired "Dying Star?"

(IVY) Dying Star...Andy: It was about a friend who was in serious trouble.

(MIKE JORDAN) So you're having label problems right now? How much freedom does your contract give you?

(VERONICA) Oooh label problems.

(MIKE JORDAN) I'm big on label politics.

(IVY) We're not having label problems...(yet?)

(MIKE JORDAN) I thought you said that you have no clue what's happening to Seed/Atlantic/Tag.

(IVY) Only in the sense that we still talk to the same guy on the phone.

(SONIC HOST) Are you writing songs for the next album already?

(IVY) Sure, we're writing some new stuff and playing it live.

(VERONICA) When you write about a friend or use a friend's story in a song, do they get pissed or are they flattered?

(IVY) Domi: They don't have to know...if they do, I think they're flattered.

(VERONICA) How do your parents like your music?

(IVY) Veronica. Our parents like our music, but they think we're too heavy, which is really funny.

(SKABOY) Ivy you have a busy schedule now?

(IVY) We're playing a fair amount...we just played with Jale on Tuesday.

(SONIC HOST) Where do you think are the best places to perform in NYC?

(IVY) In New York, we like Mercury Lounge, Brownies...and The Garden.

(SONIC HOST) Isn't the Garden too zoo-like?

(IVY) Andy: It's the only venue that will fit all our fans.

(SONIC HOST) What's the guitar of choice for IVY?

(IVY) This is starting to feel like an interview for "Musician"

(SANDY SMALLENS) So, what bass do you play?

(IVY) Adam's bass of choice is a Japanese Fender Jazz.

(SANDY SMALLENS) So, do you like that Big Muff effects box?

(MIKE JORDAN) I use a TDK359-xxs super turbo bass with .18932-b type strings.

(IVY) Andy: Big Muff is Awesome...we used it for the main guitar sounds on one of our b sides recently

(IVY) Mike, I prefer the JFE(C&J-EEE8f unleaded strings.

(MIKE JORDAN) I'm really into the guitar sound on the ep especially all the wah-wah effects, but what really amazes me is how clear it sounds!

(IVY) We use a special "clear" machine.

(SONIC HOST) Where can I get me a clear machine? That sounds nice.

(IVY) It's custom.

(SONIC HOST) I'd like a clear machine for my head.


(SONIC HOST) I'm naming my next band Clear Machine. Don't steal it.

(VERONICA) Too late, I already put it on a t-shirt.

(IVY) Good name.

(SANDY SMALLENS) Did you guys play that cheesy NJ shore gig with Too Much Joy?

(IVY) Unfortunately.

(SONIC HOST) Where in NJ, IVY?

(IVY) Somewhere "Down The Shore."

(VERONICA) Ok, Buzz and Ivy, who does YOUR hair?

(IVY) Valerie the rock hair star, or else Dominique.

(VERONICA) Okay, what are you listening to when you're out on the road? Band's tour music is always interesting.

(IVY) Frank Sinatra and traffic reports.

(MIKE JORDAN) Way way way off the subject here, but do you know who recorded "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake" I love that song and I want to find it somewhere.

(IVY) I think it's The Muppets.

(SONIC HOST) Any last words, IVY?

(IVY) We're at Brownies on March 8th and we're doing an "in-store" at Tower downtown 5pm on March 9.

(MIKE JORDAN) I'll be there when you play in Cleveland (or Columbus) anytime.

(SKABOY) Yea same here.

(IVY) Cleveland can't be too far off, Mike.

(MIKE JORDAN) Once you've made it there...you've made it!

(SKABOY) Hey if any of you need an artist for cover work or t-shirts drop me a buzz.

(IVY) Thanks for the offer Ska.

(SONIC HOST) Bye all


(SKABOY) Laters all.

(MIKE JORDAN) Bye bye.

(SANDY SMALLENS) Peace out to all. Best of luck IVY!