Beanie Sigel Acquitted In Attempted-Murder Trial

'I think the jury flat-out didn't believe the victim and the eyewitness,' rapper's attorney says.

Beanie Sigel was relieved of a major legal burden Monday afternoon: After two days of deliberation, a Philadelphia jury acquitted him of all charges in his attempted-murder trial.

Sigel was alleged to have shot Terrence Speller in 2003. In 2004, during his first attempted murder trial, a jury could not come up with verdict after five days of deliberation and a mistrial was declared (see "Beanie Sigel's Attempted-Murder Retrial Begins In Philadelphia").

Sigel, who was released from prison early this year after serving just over a year on federal weapons charges (see "Beanie Sigel Released From Prison"), began his retrial on attempted murder charges a week ago.

"It was pretty much the same testimony as last time, except in this case, they introduced the evidence of the firearm that he was arrested with that resulted in the federal case," Sigel's attorney Fortunato N. Perri Jr. said Monday. "It's a great victory for me — but especially for him. It gives him the opportunity to get his life back together, get his career back on track. I'm happy for him. The introduction of the gun was done by the prosecutor to show that he had access to weapons and had the ability to handle semi-automatic weapons. It was very damaging testimony. I was very concerned when that ruling was made, to allow that into the case.

"I think the jury flat-out didn't believe the victim and the eyewitness," he added. "They thought they were lying, that they put a story together, to ultimately end up in a payday for themselves. We have a lawsuit filed by the victim now, so I think the jurors saw right through the lies and the deception of the victim and the eyewitness."

Since his release from prison, Sigel has kept a relatively low profile. He appears in the Young Jeezy video "Soul Survivor" and recorded a remix of the Sheek Louch street anthem "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" with the LOX and Fabolous. Sigel has also been working on material for his own upcoming album.

Beanie hasn't seen his last day in court. He goes to trial again in about a month to face assault charges. He's alleged to have punched a man in the face (see "Beanie Sigel Buys Some More Time").