Hilary Duff Forms A Bond With Espionage Hotties In New Video

Singer will evoke classic James Bond girls in 'Beat of My Heart.'

She's Duff, Hilary Duff. She likes to be shaken, not stirred. And she's going to be a Bond girl in her latest video.

When the singer shoots a clip for "Beat of My Heart" in Los Angeles with director Phil Harder next week, she's going to pay tribute to all the girls James Bond's loved before.

"She's always been a huge James Bond fan," label rep Tina Dunn said. "She watched those movies with her sister growing up, and she loved the Bond girls, because they were always so stylish, and she's stylish. So the concept is that this video has that hip sensibility of those Bond movies, and she's looking more mature."

The opening sequence of the video emulates the classic title sequences of Bond films from the silhouetted 1960s to present-day, high-tech 3-D designs, until one of those graphics becomes a wire frame of a beating electronic heart, like a graphic X-ray, which pulls out with each beat. As the camera pulls out, the heart grows and weaves to become Hilary.

While Hilary won't quite take on Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole, Holly Goodhead, or any of the other delicious double-entendre-dubbed heroines of the Bond canon, she becomes a Bond girl in spirit, shifting from era to era with different looks, her hair blowing all the time, flying around in graphic silhouettes.

Instead of cutting from image to image, the shots evolve in a Bond-like style, as shapes take on different forms to reveal something else. In one look, Hilary will perform in silhouette, with a microphone where a gun would otherwise be. In another, her band will be the silhouette.

The beat of the song will control the edit, zapping the view in and out, until a lull in the song, when the view travels back into her eyes, through her skin, and back to her beating heart.