Nick Cannon's Movie Career Drowning Out His Music

Actor has three flicks in the can and at least two more on the way.

LOS ANGELES — It's no wonder the first single from Nick Cannon's second record came out in April and he still hasn't gotten around to putting out the album. He's too busy being a movie star.

Aside from the two films he's starring in this fall, "The Underclassman" and "Roll Bounce," Cannon's been going from set to set, all the while taping his MTV show, "Wild 'N Out" (see "Nick Cannon Goes 'Wild' With Kanye, Ying Yang Twins, Common").

He was scheduled to focus on his music this fall, but after finishing the indie "Even Money" with Kim Basinger, Ray Liotta and Kelsey Grammer, he had the opportunity to join the all-star cast of "Bobby," written and directed by Emilio Estevez.

"It's about the death of Robert Kennedy, starring Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, myself, Terrence Howard — it's gonna be real interesting," Cannon said at the "Roll Bounce" premiere this week.

Cannon also has the political thriller "The Beltway" in the can and is currently training twice a day to shoot a boxing movie in early 2006. "Right now it doesn't have a title, but it's based on a story of this famous trainer," he said.

A stalled project with Lindsay Lohan, formerly titled "Blindsided," is also back on, according to the actor/rapper.

"That's supposed to be next year," Cannon said. "That's something that I actually wrote and produced, too."

First, though, is "Roll Bounce," which opens Friday. In the movie, Cannon plays more of a supporting role to Bow Wow's lead as a roller-skating hotshot.

"Bow Wow is amazing in this film," Cannon said. "I always like to say, 'If you can't picture someone else in the film, then that person did a phenomenal job,' and I can't really picture anybody else in the role of Xavier. He stripped himself totally of the Bow Wow character and became Xavier."

Fox Searchlight Pictures, which is distributing the movie, is donating 10 percent of opening weekend profits to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

"It's extremely important for not only the film community but also the African-American community within the film community," Cannon said. "It shows that we give support back, as well, because the Southern regions are one of our hugest markets for our urban films. And when you take it away from even the whole industry, it's just like those are people that need help. That's family down there. I have family members down there."

As for that second Cannon album, Stages, the time is near.

"The album's coming as soon as I can drop the next single, in about a month," he said. "Probably when the next season of 'Wild 'N Out' drops, right around the same time, just hit the whole thing off."

For the single, the follow-up to "Can I Live" (see "Nick Cannon Flexing His Mogul Muscle In Hollywood"), Cannon's debating between the Kanye West-produced "My Wife" and the Scott Storch-produced "In the Bedroom."

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