I walk everywhere, that's why I have a nice butt!

MOTORHEAD Hey this is Lemmy... or Albert Einstein dressed as Lemmy.

BlurStar Yea!

BadApple Lemmy!

fatmonty How do we know it's really you?

MOTORHEAD Well nobody else will talk like this and no one will give you answers like mine.

Marisa Lemmy, do you have an English accent?

BadApple Lemmy, how did you like Metallica's performance at your B-day party?

MOTORHEAD They were really great, especially the wigs.

Jrock With Dio???

MOTORHEAD Yeah, with Dio. Ronnie James to be exact.

SonicNet Lemmy what was your 1st job in music?

MOTORHEAD Playing with a band called Deejays.

Dita I will never forget your appearance on The Young Ones.

MOTORHEAD Neither will anyone else.

Jrock Do you still like to play the old stuff???


Dita Ever think about doing a dance album of remixes?


Jrock How long were you in The Damned for?

MOTORHEAD I was never in the Damned. I did one gig with them on bass. We were The Doomed.

Dita Favourite drinkie?

MOTORHEAD Bourbon and Coke.

Jrock Dontcha dig the Wild Turkey?

MOTORHEAD Yes, but you said my favorite drink. My favorite whisky is Makers Mark.

djfriend What's in yer tape deck (or CD player, or turntable... blah) at the moment?

MOTORHEAD Beatles anthology.

Tim When are you comin' to Finland? (You canceled last year...)

MOTORHEAD We are coming to Finland in Jan/Feb. We are playing in Helsinki at the state hall. We don't usually cancel. It's the promoters.

Jrock Where do you like touring the most?

MOTORHEAD I like to tour everywhere.

BadApple How are things going with RJD? Seen any rainbows? :)

MOTORHEAD It's going all right. There have been a lot of problems with this tour -- not a poster in the city and not a lot of tickets sold. The promoters suck, they deserve what they get.

walleye What new loud nasty bands do you like Lemmy?

MOTORHEAD Loud bands? Marilyn Manson. H e is trying to make a name for himself being the grossest.

Marisa Lemmy you single?


Marisa Yes!

walleye How many months a year do you tour?

MOTORHEAD We tour about 7-8 months a year.

Dita Would you ever tour with Gary Glitter? I think that would be fab.

MOTORHEAD Fab? Hey! Get outta the 1960's! He isn't touring anymore and I wouldn't tour with him anyway (although an old drummer of ours toured with Gary).

BadApple Lemmy: I really liked your work on Ozzy's NMT album. Any chance you'll work with him again?

MOTORHEAD I worked with him on Ozmosis as well. He hasn't asked me about the next album yet.

BadApple What kinda bike do you ride?

BlackG What kind of car do you have Lemmy ? A VOLVO or what?

MOTORHEAD I don't have a bike, or a car.

Dita In LA? You don't have a car? How d'you survive?

MOTORHEAD I walk everywhere, that's why I have a nice butt!

Dita Saw you at The Palace with Supersuckers (and Wasp..ick). They were so psyched to be playing with Motorhead. Would you ever do a line up with the Suckers again?

MOTORHEAD I didn't get a chance to see them, I was doing interviews all day up stairs. I will play with anyone as long as they play to the max.

Jrock You sound really cute, how old are you?

MOTORHEAD I am 51 this Christmas coming. X-Mass eve, actually.

Jrock Do you like pinball Lemmy? I hear you're king.

MOTORHEAD I am not the king , but I do like pinball.

hos Lot's of your fans are homosexuals, do you like gays?

MOTORHEAD Apparently I don't mind, a lot of my friends are gay.

SonicNet Do you get recognized a lot on the Street?

MOTORHEAD Depends where we are. In Japan, I always get noticed. But in Thailand... hardly ever!

Jrock Lemmy you were good in Uncut. Any more acting?

MOTORHEAD You mean John Wayne Bobbit? The band has to go on hold if I am acting. No one has asked me anyway.

hos Have you ever tried to play bass the way Cliff Burton did?

MOTORHEAD I don't know how he played bass. What did he do? What do you mean? We both play our ways -- who cares, its only music for christ sakes!

Tim In a recent interview you said that you were tired of playing AOS over & over again. But you still play it anyway, why?

MOTORHEAD Because people want to hear it.

BadApple Lemmy will you ever play on Letterman again?

MOTORHEAD I doubt it. He was an asshole last time. I don't think that he has changed.

walleye Do you still smoke? How much?

MOTORHEAD Yes, a pack a day.

SkaBOOM Have you guys toured with Metallica?

MOTORHEAD We did 3 shows with Metallica and GNR.

walleye Do you and Lita Ford still keep in touch?

MOTORHEAD No, I haven't heard from her in ages. I saw her though at the F Forum. We just said hello -- no time to talk though.

Jrock How old were you when you started playing bass?

MOTORHEAD I started playing bass in 1971.

SonicNet What job would you like to do if you were not doing this rock and roll thing?

MOTORHEAD I don't know... Cat burglar? Something dishonest.

walleye Where in England did you grow up?

MOTORHEAD I grew up in Anglesey, North Whales.

BadApple Who's playing in the band on tour now?

MOTORHEAD Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell and me you dolt!

hos Were you influenced by Jimi's music?

MOTORHEAD Yes I was influenced by Jimi. Everyone who saw him was.

kingfelix I saw you guys in 1981 at the Irving Plaza when Phil blacked out I just want to say it's been a great ride. Thanks.

MOTORHEAD That's very nice, thank you! It isn't over yet.

MOTORHEAD Good-bye! We are on stage in an hour. I must mess my mind up before I am on.

BadApple Have a blast! Thanks! Later...

SonicNet Thanks everyone for chatting w/Motorhead tonight!!!

Tim Bye!