House Of Pain

I am gonna have one of my homeboys put a hacking virus on your ass.

House of Pain's third album, (Truth Crushed to Earth Shall) Rise Again, features several tracks with Divine Styler, who chats about his work with the band. (Divine Styler is using the handle "HouseOfPain").

HouseOfPain Yo, what's up, this is the Divine Styler representing House of Pain and Scheme Team.

SonnyCheeba What exactly is your role in House of Pain and what are you doing now?

HouseOfPain I am just featured on this album. I am putting out my own material on DTX Sound.

SonnyCheeba Could you talk about the reasons for the changes in the production team on this record?

HouseOfPain House of Pain split from Cypress Hill and Leor [HOP's Leor Dimant] decided to do all the production himself, with no outside influences.

EVERLAST When can we meet and have sex?

WallEYE Everlast impersonator's bein' a bitch.

EVERLAST I'll still kill ya though!

djfriend What do you think of jungle/drum and bass? Do you dig any of it?

HouseOfPain Yeah, it's good for the evolution of music.

SonnyCheeba How did House of Pain hook up with Sadat X? The cut with him ["Heart Full of Sorrow"] is real cool.

HouseOfPain They were just real cool with each other -- Sadat came out to L.A. and we went into the studio and just vibed.

WallEYE Yeah, you'll kill me sittin' in a room somewhere like a loser, coming into the chat a bein' a little bitch.

NotTheMan Besides the media, who else does the House of Pain hate?

HouseOfPain I am just with House of Pain on this album, and I don't hate the way they hate. I am trying to keep my career. I represent Scheme Team and I am peaceful, so look out for Scheme Team and Divine Styler in the next six months.

SonnyCheeba I know that in the past, when DJ Muggs [of Cypress Hill] ran the production, the tracks were influenced by a lot of old blues records and some old R&B. What changed musically along with the production squad?

HouseOfPain Leor just decided to do his own thing and he took no outside influences.

SonicMod Who've you worked with before?

HouseOfPain De La Soul, Freestyle Fellowship, Ice-T, Muggs ...

EVERLAST Where's the rest of House of Pain?

HouseOfPain Erik [Schrody, aka Everlast] has food poisoning, DJ Lethal [aka Leor Dimant] is fishing, Danny Boy [aka Daniel O'Conner] is sick.

EVERLAST Lower East Side in the house!

WallEYE Lookout, Everlast impersonator is from the hard streets of the LES.

SonnyCheeba How is it working with Tommy Boy Records? It seems like they picked a rough day to release an album (the same day as Westside Connection, Above the Law and Black Moon). Does the artist have any say in when his product gets released?

HouseOfPain No.

SonnyCheeba What would you say to people who say that Everlast stole Nine's style (especially on "Fed Up")?

EVERLAST I did nothing of the sort.

HouseOfPain Everlast, I am gonna have one of my homeboys put a hacking virus on your ass. That beef is between him and Nine.

SonnyCheeba Every time a white hiphop group comes out, they're tagged with a "novelty" label. House of Pain has been accepted by true hiphop heads. What do you think sets House of Pain apart?

HouseOfPain I can't answer that for them.

Syracuse The House of Pain doesn't perpetrate like they're somethin' else, always givin' shoutouts to the right peeps.

Syracuse Divine, you learn that new rap method, computer freestyle, yet? Let some shit go, man.

HouseOfPain Galactica/decepticon/terax stereo/the kill upon kill/of my thrill/feel/will fill/with the faster phrase core/I destroy until/I born the wrath math/and dissolve the irrational/before you think style/keep the "D" capital.

SonnyCheeba What are you listening to these days?

HouseOfPain I am listening to Sting, and classical.

Syracuse Tell us more about your struggle to success.

HouseOfPain I couldn't even begin. It's too long -- secure me a movie deal and I will give you the whole shit.

SonnyCheeba Is there any hiphop that you're feeling right now?

HouseOfPain Wu Tang -- all Wu Tang shit. I am feeling Sadat X, the Roots, Biggie ...

Syracuse Do you know much about the East Coast scene -- any of the unsigned artists?

HouseOfPain I am from the East Coast, but I don't know about no unsigned artist shit.

HouseOfPain Since all of you have been very immature and very bad and naughty boys and girls, except for a few, we are leaving you. Don't forget to buy my solo shit on DTX Sound and represent the new House of Pain album, in stores now.

killthehouseofpain Fuck you, House of Pain, you suck.

HOP I'll never buy another album from your sorry ass again.

NotTheMan See? You little brats ruined it for everyone.

Syracuse Damn, Divine ain't comin' back on this shit.