Natalie Says She Doesn't Mind Being A Slave To Her Own Success

Busy singer currently touring and promoting third single, 'Where Are You.'

It's been less than a year since Natalie first heated up radio dials with her smash debut single, "Goin' Crazy." Now, two hit tracks and one sold-out tour later, the Latina crooner has become a slave to the seemingly insatiable demand she helped create.

"I'm still touring, in a different city every night. I'll have a couple days off to go home, but even at home I'm working!" the 25-year-old singer laughed. "It doesn't stop, but that's a good thing. As long as the calls keep coming in, I must be doing something right."

After coming off this spring's Latium Tour with labelmates and longtime friends Frankie J and Baby Bash (see "Natalie 'Goin' Crazy' As Her Dreams Come True"), Natalie ventured out on her own, booking radio festivals and club gigs through the end of October to promote her self-titled debut album. She's currently making the rounds to promote her third single, "Where Are You," featuring newcomer J. Roman.

The heartwarming ballad, which appears as a bonus track on Natalie's album, was written by Roman two years ago but shelved until he could find just the right lady to croon with. It finally hit radio earlier this month.

" 'Where Are You' is about this guy and this girl who each sing about how they know there is someone out there waiting for them," Natalie explained. "J. starts out saying, 'Where is this girl? I know she's out there. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm in love with her,' then I come in and say that I know there's this guy out there for me. 'Who is he? What are his eyes like? What is his laugh like?' Then finally at the end of the track we respond to each other.

"I know a lot of people, especially teenagers, have this idea that they want to find the right person," the singer added. "There's always the belief that there's someone out there for everybody."

While she hasn't made a video for the song yet, Natalie does have some ideas for a potential clip. "I think it'd be cool to have us passing by each other, not knowing that we're the one the other is looking for," she said.

The dark-haired beauty has started penning tracks for her sophomore album but is also weighing her options for a fourth Natalie single.

"There's a song called 'Emptiness' that Bash and I wrote together, and then there's my favorite track on the album, 'Ooh,' that's mid-tempo and a bit more sexy," she said. "God willing, if I have another single, when the weather changes and the mood slows down, I think that sound would be perfect for the wintertime."