Paris Hilton's First Video Might Make That Burger Commercial Look Tame

Singer/socialite says first clip off debut LP will be out by December.

If you thought the sight of a scantily clad Paris Hilton practically fornicating with a hamburger and writhing around with a water hose in that Carl's Jr. commercial was hot, the heiress has a few words for you: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Hilton, who has been working on her debut solo album with famed beatmaker Scott Storch (see "Scott Storch Says He And Paris Are Making 'Amazing' Music"), says her first music video will set TV screens on fire. She even wants to recruit the same director, Chris Applebaum, who helmed the clip that some TV watchdog groups labeled "soft-core porn."

"It will [definitely have] a lot of sexiness," the 24-year-old socialite said recently. "If I did a [fast-food] commercial that hot, imagine what I can do with my own video."

Hilton has yet to officially select a lead track off the still-untitled LP, set to drop as early as January, but she says that the first single and accompanying clip will be out by November or December.

"Every song I'm doing with Scott is so hot, so it's hard to pick which one we want as a single," she said. "We can't decide."

One of the front-runners is an uptempo club anthem called "Turn It Up." "It's 'turn it up,' like, turn up your sexuality," Hilton explained.

The blonde celebutante has also recorded a hip-hop track with Fat Joe called "All the Boys Are Fighting Over Me," which will have two rappers battling it out for her affections.

"We don't know who the other rapper is yet," she said, "but it's [going to be] a cute song."

In addition to her musical endeavors, Hilton is continuing her TV career — she starts shooting the fourth season of her reality series "The Simple Life" on November 1 in Los Angeles — and planning her wedding to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis (see "Paris Hilton Engaged To, Um, Paris"). But it is her music, she says, that is taking top priority at the moment.

"I'm just working on my album right now, so that's been a lot of work, but I have been looking at wedding dresses and just enjoying my engagement," Hilton said. "There's no rush to get married right now."