Stars Have Plenty Of Baby Advice For Mama Britney

'Don't get the soy [crap]. Just use your real breast,' urges Pauly Shore.

HOLLYWOOD — Some of Hollywood's brightest young talent congregated at DJ AM's newest hipster hot spot, LAX, on Friday to celebrate Us Weekly's Young Hollywood Hot 20. Among the luminaries were Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, "Desperate Housewives" vixen Eva Longoria, Wilmer Valderrama and "Laguna Beach" bad girl Kristin Cavalleri.

But amidst all the glitz and glamour of the evening's event, the real story that had the tongues of Tinseltown's young elite wagging was the birth of Britney Spears' baby boy earlier in the week (see "Britney Spears Gives Birth To A Baby Boy"). Just about everyone there had some words of wisdom to share with the new mom.

Like the majority of stars who paraded down the yellow carpet, both Duff and Hilton congratulated the singer on her new addition and said Spears would be a great mother.

"I'm not anywhere close to being a mom, but I hope that people leave her alone so she and her husband can have normalcy and focus on their new child," Duff said.

"America's Next Top Model" winner Eva Pigford told Spears to stock up on the Starbucks, because as any new mama can tell you, you ain't gonna get much sleep.

"7th Heaven" actress Beverley Mitchell, whose character just gave birth to her first child on the WB series, concurred. She advised Spears to sneak in quick snoozes whenever she can: "I don't even have to keep the baby, and I know you need naps!"

 Bobby Trendy
 Cindy Margolis
 Marlon Wayans
 Pauly Shore
 Beverley Mitchell
Aisha Tyler, who stars alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in "The Ghost Whisperer" this fall, commended the diva for opting for a Caesarean section. "That's very modern of Britney to be like, 'I'm gonna have my baby at 10 o'clock on Tuesday,' " she said. "She's got that life where you're able to pick your husband and pick your baby time, so good for her."

Donald Trump, who arrived with his wife, Melania, was among a select group who actually had experience raising children. The billionaire mogul has four kids with two former spouses and joked, "I wish [Britney] a lot of luck. She'll probably need it."

"I don't care how many books you've read, Britney, or what you think you know, but you know nothing, girl, until you take that baby home and you're like, 'Why did they even let me take this child?' " laughed blonde bombshell Cindy Margolis, the mother of 7-week-old twin girls. "I'm just happy to be out wearing something that doesn't have throw-up all over it."

Reality TV star Bobby Trendy ("The Anna Nicole Show") told Spears to lay off the breast-feeding. "I would just buy milk," he said. "It's so much easier and less work. Besides, you wouldn't want a lopsided boob."

Comedians Pauly Shore and Marlon Wayans disagreed, saying that the pop star should just put it all out there. "Don't get the soy [crap]. Just use your real breast," Shore said.

"The next time you see her, she's gonna ... be wearing long sweaters and turtlenecks," Wayans added. "No more revealing stuff, and she ain't gonna be able to do any of those sexy songs where she's crawling on the floor with her ass out no more. Welcome to mama land, Britney!"

Other celebs seemed optimistic about the singer's return to the limelight.

"Every movie star or musician who's had a baby seems to come back a lot more wise and with a lot more experience behind them, and usually they're even more focused [than they were before]," said former "O.C." star Olivia Wilde. "I think [Britney will] probably come back twice as strong."

Even Spears' former Mouseketeer co-star Christina Aguilera said there is no doubt the pop star will return to the music scene in full force.

"Her fans are so loyal, they will always be there for her," Aguilera said.

"I think Britney's gonna come back like Madonna's come back," added Trendy, who said his baby gift for Spears was on the way. "Once a star, always a star."