Wilmer Valderrama Captures Rob Thomas' Wife In New Video

Actor plays an eccentric who tends to carrier pigeons in clip for 'Ever the Same.'

Wilmer Valderrama has a thing for pigeons in Rob Thomas' latest video, "Ever the Same," but he also has his sights set on the singer's wife in the clip, a Hitchcockian fantasy where "Rear Window" meets "Vertigo" meets "The Birds."

The clip, which was shot earlier this month in New York with director Phil Harder, will feature a lot of special effects and animation, including an illustrated New York skyline with a somewhat distorted perspective.

On the top of one building is Valderrama, an eccentric New Yorker who tends to carrier pigeons. Rob and his wife, Marisol, who also stars in the video, peer through windows of tall buildings overlooking Valderrama's rooftop. The bird man steps inside a makeshift cage made of chicken wire and wooden perches as pigeons land on his shoulder, arms and hand. He writes a message on a piece of paper and ties it to the leg of one bird, which flies down to the streets below.

The bird lands in the middle of a vibrant city street — also abstract and illustrated — where bike messengers cruise past, taxi cabs whiz by and people pass, in a blur of stuttering motion. Someone discovers the bird, unties the note, reads the message — and suddenly the black-and-white world fills with color. While Rob watches, Wilmer's character releases more pigeons with more messages, sending more color out into the world.

Rob then looks across to another tall building, where Marisol is standing near the ledge of an open window, her curtains blowing in the breeze. An extreme sense of vertigo is brought to Marisol's scenes because of the way her building is drawn, according to the video treatment.

Marisol's character is also watching Valderrama's, who releases a pigeon that lands on her windowsill. As she unrolls the piece of paper — which includes a few of the song's lyrics — Rob and Wilmer looks on, watching her lean out of her window. Somehow she falls, and as she's dropping, her body magically changes into a colorful animated bird that takes flight and sails to Wilmer's rooftop — where he gently lifts her into his cage.