Joel And Benji Madden Record 'Clash Meets N.W.A' Track With Game

Good Charlotte brothers recently teamed up with Compton rapper in the studio.

HOLLYWOOD — Add Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden to the growing list of rockers laying down beats with rap royalty.

Perhaps the two took an unexpected-collaboration cue from good friend Hilary Duff — who had crunkster Lil Jon cook up a beat for her (see "Lil Jon Jamming On LPs From Trillville, Scrappy — And Jessica And Hilary") — because the Maddens, who have been busy writing material for Good Charlotte's forthcoming album, recently busted out a track with friend the Game.

"We were all just randomly hanging out one day, and [Joel and I] were like, 'Hey, you want to go in the studio?' Benji said at Us Weekly's Young Hollywood Hot 20 event on Friday. "So we all just went in and had a good time."

"It was kind of last minute," Joel added. "We're trying to hold off on doing stuff with other people because we want to focus on Good Charlotte, but when Game asked us — he's our friend, so it was fun. It really wasn't like work."

The brothers describe the sound of the track, which is still untitled, as "the Clash meets N.W.A."

"There's no name for it yet, but y'all will hear it though," Benji said. "Trust me; you'll know when you hear it. It's crazy."

So far, a handful of tracks have been written for Good Charlotte's latest album (see "Good Charlotte Says New LP Won't Be So '80s, Calls Hilary 'The Greatest Singer Today' "), and the guys plan to hit the recording studio by the end of the year with their first single out by next spring.

For now, the brothers have even put their production team, the Dead Executives, on hold while they focus on their top priority.

"The Dead Executives is [still] happening, but we're holding off until we finish [Good Charlotte's upcoming] album," Benji said. "After that, though, we're going to be working with everyone in the world."