QOTSA's Josh Homme, Brody Dalle Expecting Their First Child

Little queen is due in January; couple's engagement is also confirmed.

Britney who? Just days after the princess of pop announced she had given birth to a happy, healthy junior Federline, the world of rock answered back with a biological bombshell that definitely raises the bar for musician-on-musician coupling: Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and Distillers lead singer Brody Dalle are expecting their first child.

On Friday (September 16), a spokesperson for Dalle confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with Homme's child, and then upped the ante by adding that the couple recently became engaged, too.

The announcements ended months of speculation on both topics — particularly the issue of Dalle's pregnancy, rumors of which begun to swirl last month when a series of photographs popped up on the Internet, purporting to show a very pregnant Distillers frontwoman backstage at an Eagles of Death Metal show.

Yet despite all the chatter, the couple remained silent. Dalle does few interviews, and Homme has largely kept mum about their relationship, only recently confirming that the two were even an item (see"Queens of the Stone Age: A Stone Unturned"). But a member of his inner circle was more than happy to talk about the couple: Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, who actually spilled the beans on both their engagement and their impending child when MTV News spoke to him earlier this week.

"They are honestly the most beautiful couple you could ever see," Hughes said. "Joshua and Brody are expecting their first little baby girl [Dalle's spokesperson would not confirm the sex of their child]. And Brody's a glowing, beautiful bride-to-be with child. They're going to be married. They call each other 'momma' and 'daddy.' Brody is a beautiful, expecting woman who is also the queen of rock and roll, in my opinion. She's almost five months pregnant. Joshua truly is a family man"

Hughes went on to say that he had even written a song for the couple, called "The Ballad of Queen B and Baby Duck" (the latter is Homme's nickname), and will include it on the new Eagles of Death Metal Album,

Death by Sexy, which is due in January. The song follows the couple from their rather rocky beginning (Dalle was married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong when she and Homme met) to their current state as rock's reigning parents-to-be.

"It's a fairy tale, love-charm song. Their relationship was hard to be in for those two, considering their public personas and where it came from and the circumstances through which she left her husband," Hughes said. "Joshua and Brody went out of their way to do everything right. There was no stealing of any girlfriend. It was very sweet. When people want to have children, when they want to start a family, that's kind of an amazing thing in this world today — when a pregnancy isn't accidental and they really form that bond, it's a beautiful thing."