Wilmer Valderrama In Search Of Funniest Jokes About 'Yo Momma'

Trash-talkin' series is one of many projects 'That '70s Show' actor has in the works.

Ashton Kutcher's done it, and now his "That '70s Show" co-star Wilmer Valderrama is following suit by creating his own trash-talkin' MTV reality show, dubbed — what else — "Yo Momma."

But don't expect any hidden-camera antics here, folks — this show will be strictly in-your-face raunchy.

"I'd been trying to do something with MTV for a while, so we came up with this crazy idea, and now I've created this monster. Basically, we've been using some of that rap-battling phenomena, but [replacing the rap with comedy]," Valderrama told MTV News recently. "We're going around the nation, [finding] these street kids who can clown each other.

"[It's a half-hour] comedy show, [and basically] the whole 22 minutes everybody says 'yo momma' jokes," the actor continued. " 'Yo momma's so fat, so dumb, so stupid.' It's become a really fun show to work on."

Valderrama's quest for the country's funniest trash talkers, who will battle for cash prizes and advancement in the competition, will begin airing on the network next year.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old actor, who has spent the last several years donning polyester garb as lovable and quirky exchange student Fez on "That '70s Show," is starting up the series' seventh and final season. Fans can expect the cast to push the envelope in its last run, sans Kutcher and Topher Grace, who opted not to renew their contracts for another term.

"It's one more year of crazy episodes," he said. "My character is going to be able to get away with things he never thought he could get away with, so it'll be exciting."

Valderrama has three films on deck as well, with two more set to start production in the coming months. First up is "El Muerto," a dark action/fantasy film based on the comic-book series of the same name, created by Javier Hernandez. "It's about this young man who is used as a human weapon to execute three sacrifices in the name of the Aztec gods," he said.

The actor will also appear in "The Darwin Awards," a romantic comedy written and directed by Finn Taylor that stars Winona Ryder, Joseph Fiennes ("Shakespeare in Love") and David Arquette ("Scream"). The movie's title refers to the Internet award bestowed upon individuals who die as a result of their own catastrophic stupidity. Fiennes will portray a forensic detective who teams up with an insurance claims investigator (Ryder) to create the profile of a potential Darwin Award winner. It is slated to drop in 2006.

Also expect to see Valderrama in the fast-paced low-rider flick "Crenshaw Blvd.," starring Larenz Tate ("Crash"), Meagan Good ("Roll Bounce") and rapper-turned-actor Nelly ("The Longest Yard") (see "Bow Wow, Method Man And Nelly Share A Leading Lady"). The film, written and directed by newcomer Imani Shakur, follows a young car customizer who is carrying two strikes against him when he is framed for his third offense and faces the possibility of life behind bars. Valderrama plays the customizer's young apprentice, who fights to clear his mentor's name.

As if that weren't enough to keep the young actor busy, he is also voicing the lead in the Disney Channel's new animated series "Handy Manny." And finally, Valderrama, who is already a seasoned entrepreneur (he co-owns the posh Los Angeles eatery Dolce with colleagues Kutcher and Danny Masterson), wants to extend his empire by opening a second restaurant and developing his own clothing line, Calavena. No word yet on when it will hit stores.

"[I'm] putting my hands in a little bit of everything right now," Valderrama said. "It's really exciting to stay so busy."

Spoken like a true Renaissance man.

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