Lil Jon Helps His Heroes Ice Cube, Too Short Onto Comeback Trail

Rapper/producer is also helping Cube to land a label for new LP.

A few years ago, Ice Cube announced to the world that he was teaming up with Dr. Dre to devise his comeback LP. That record never materialized — however, Cube still does have a super producer in pocket: Lil Jon. Jon says he's recorded seven new songs with the West Coast icon and is helping him to land a home for the project.

"On the Crunk Juice album, we did 'Real N---a Roll Call' [with Cube]," Jon said. "I grew up on N.W.A — N.W.A and Too Short were my favorite groups. So to just be in the studio, and for him to listen to me and let me guide him, ask me what I think ... I still can't believe I'm cool with Cube like that, 'cause that's Ice Cube."

Jon says the new Cube sounds a lot like vintage, early '90s Cube, from the AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted/ Death Certificate era (see "Ice Cube Pushes Back Album Because Of 'XXX' Movie"). According to the King of Crunk, he and Cube already have a song they want to release to the public soon.

"We got the first single, it's Ice Cube and Snoop, called 'Got a Lot of That,' " Jon said. "As soon as you hear the beat, you gonna start dancing. And he's got this song called 'Combat' for anybody who does any type of sports — like if you play football, it's gonna get you amped up to get in the game. We're looking for a label — holla at us. We're going to probably put a record out and let the labels come to us."

Jon's been in the lab with Too Short as well. "Short is like 'Uncle Short,' " Jon said. "Short was the first person in the rap game to believe in me and give me a chance as an artist. I was signed to Short's label and he let me out of the contract with no problems — he let me do my thing. Plus, he was always there for me whenever I needed him to get on some records."

Short's new LP is looking like it will have Jazze Pha producing half of the tracks and Jon doing most of the rest.

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