Queens Soldier On With Tour Despite Homme's Onstage Collapse

Band says it will still play Austria and Spain festivals, tour with Nine Inch Nails.

Perhaps Queens of the Stone Age should rethink this whole touring thing. As of late, it hasn't really agreed with them.

First they were forced to scrap their European tour when frontman Josh Homme took ill with a severe chase of bronchitis (see "Bloody Bronchitis Derails Queens Of The Stone Age Tour"). Then, after announcing their intention to make up those canceled overseas dates, they abandoned the tour again after the London terrorist bombings. And just a few weeks back, while the band was performing in Australia, Homme tore tendons in his knee, an injury which required surgery and caused the band to miss a scheduled appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Now comes news that the band is dangerously close to bailing on yet another European tour, thanks once again to Homme's health. On Monday, at the end of the Queens' show in Hamburg, Germany, he fainted onstage and was immediately rushed to a local doctor, who diagnosed him with a severe case of "exhaustion" and ordered him to rest immediately. As a result, the band was forced to cancel the following evening's show in Stuttgart, Germany.

The band's management told MTV News that Homme's exhaustion was due to a combination of overwork and high temperatures inside the club in Hamburg. They added that while Homme is also recovering from knee surgery, he was feeling good enough to perform in Wiesbaden and still plans to play festivals in Austria and Spain.

Despite soldiering on through the remaining European dates, will Homme's health woes pose a threat to QOTSA's planned co-headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails (see "My, What Paralyzing Teeth You Have: Queens, NIN To Tour")?

According to management, no. They said Homme is looking forward to performing in the States again and that the NIN/QOTSA tour is still on track.