Game Claims He Was Unfairly Ejected From Fashion Event

Event organizers say rapper was denied entry because his bodyguards were armed.

The Game claims he was ushered from the Las Vegas Convention Center on Tuesday because organizers behind one of the fashion industry's largest annual trade shows assumed he'd been involved in the recent shooting of Suge Knight. But according to a statement from the MAGIC Marketplace camp, the rapper was "not 'kicked out,' " but never made it through the main entrance because he was "accompanied by bodyguards allegedly carrying concealed weapons."

According to The Associated Press, the Game, who was on hand to unveil his forthcoming sneaker line, Hurricane by 310 Footwear, said MAGIC officials expressed fears that he could be the target of retaliatory actions for this weekend's shooting of the Death Row Records head (see "Suge Knight Recovering After Being Shot At Kanye West Party In Miami"). But MAGIC denied that the Miami incident played a part in its decision.

"Due to security and public safety concerns, the Game was not provided access to the [show]," the statement reads, explaining that the Las Vegas Convention Center "prohibits concealed weapons of any type" inside the venue.

"The Game arrived at the event site an hour earlier than scheduled, accompanied by five bodyguards — at least two of whom were allegedly armed," according to the statement. "After being informed by security officials that this was a direct violation of trade-show rules, all were escorted off the show premises." The show's organizers "attempted to reschedule [his] appearance, contingent on adherence to the concealed weapons policy," but the Game rejected the move.

"They had a lot of state police exit us right out of the building," Game told the AP. "They were scared there was going to be some drama, but I don't know why they would be scared because I had nothing to do with [the Suge Knight shooting]."

The Compton rapper believes that some are trying to connect him with the shooting because, like Knight, he's from Los Angeles and has gang ties, the wire service reports.

The Game called the incident "very embarrassing, for myself, my management, and my whole family."