My Chemical Romance: From Jabba The Hutts To Skeletons In One Year

Band readying documentary about its rise to fame.

MIAMI — Already well-versed in the ways of eyeliner application, epic-video-making and Kevlar-vest wearing, the guys in My Chemical Romance are turning their attention to a new endeavor: documentary filmmaking.

When MTV News spoke with the boys in black on the eve of the Video Music Awards (see "Green Day Clean Up, Kelly Clarkson Gets Wet, 50 Rips Into Fat Joe At VMAs"), they revealed some details about their latest project, a year-in-the-making film that follows the bandmembers' rise from lowly New Jersey goth-punks to "TRL" mainstays.

"It's a documentary that captures the rise and occasional stumblings of this band. It's really crazy, we had forgotten about a lot of the stuff that happens in the film," My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way said. "Like backstage stuff and concert footage. Basically, it tells the story of one really crazy year in this band's life."

The still-untitled film is in the editing stage, but guitarist Ray Toro already has one change he'd like to make.

"I think there should be a running counter on the bottom of the screen showing how many pounds we lose during the course of the year," he laughed. "Because honestly, we look pretty bad at the beginning of that thing."

"Yeah, man, I agree," Way added. "At the beginning of the film, I look like Jabba the Hutt, and then by the end of the film, there are all these shots of us and we all look like skeletons."

Final editing decisions aside, MCR plan on having the film available on DVD sometime in late October, when the band wraps its first headlining tour (see "My Chemical Romance Add Tour Dates, Promise Surprises") and probably just about the time that their epic new video, "The Ghost of You," is getting votes on "TRL."

Fans of the band better savor the World War II-themed "Ghost" clip (see "My Chemical Romance Lose Makeup, Don Fatigues For 'Ghost' Clip"), since it'll probably be the last video MCR make before they head back into the studio to begin work on the follow-up to their breakthrough Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album.

"We might stop with 'Ghost.' We could easily put out another video — we've talked about a whole bunch of possible songs to make videos for — but we want to focus on doing some touring, and making a new record as soon as possible," Way said. "So maybe we don't need to make another video. But I've always wanted to do a video for 'You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison,' so, really, who knows?"