Snoop, Game, Luda And Shaq Show Off Their Donks And Drop-Tops

Lil' Kim rolls to the VMAs in modern luxury, while Green Day risk a breakdown in their beater.

MIAMI — Let the crowd at the Golden Globes worry about what everyone's wearing. At the VMAs it's all about what you're rolling in.

Taking awards-show fashion to the next level, artists like Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Green Day and Shaquille O'Neal hit the carpet in the ultimate high-end accessories: pimped out rides. Here's a look inside the rides of the stars.

(Click for photos of this year's ultimate accessory. )

Artist: Snoop Dogg

Whip: Convertible 1967 Pontiac Parisienne

Color: Los Angeles Lakers gold with purple trim

Special Features: Hydro pumps enable the car to bounce from side to side. Jamal Wilkes, Michael Cooper and Shaquille O'Neal have autographed the hood. There's a blue flag hanging out of his driver's side window and the words "Tha Doggfather," "Crip" and the number 20 painted on the back.

Artist: The Game

Whip: 1975 Chevy Caprice

Color: Brandy wine red

Special Features:

When he's in Cali, you can spot the Game in a chromed-out 1964 Impala with hydro pumps that allow his car to bounce about four feet in the air. For MIA, the Compton native is pushing a Caprice that sits on 24-inch wheels and has Christian Dior interior. The wheels are too big to bounce on, so this one is strictly for cruising big-boy style.

Artist: Green Day

Whip: Convertible 1968 Mercury Monterey

Color: Green (of course)

Special Features: It may be beat up, but it sure looks funky. Green's green machine — which was featured in the videos "Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" — can bounce side to side but doesn't have a back window (don't ask). The drop-top comes with custom

leopard-skin seats.

Artist: Ludacris

Whip: Convertible 1975 Pontiac Grandville

Color: Black

Special Features: What makes Cris' donk so off-the-chain is that the 24-inch wheels make it stand four feet off the ground. Then when you're sitting in it, you really feel like a don because of the black leather and multicolored Louis Vuitton custom interior.

Artist: Lil' Kim

Whip: 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Color: Black

Special Features: Who needs to pimp out a phantom? Really, adding extra features to a car that already has doors that open by the touch of a button, 24-inch rims and a pop-up hood ornament that lowers when the vehicle's turned off is doing too much.

Artist: Nelly

Whip: 1972 Chevy Impala

Color: Brandy wine red

Special Features: Nelly is sitting on 24s, and although you may not be able to hear it on TV, the system is ridiculously booming. Nells' car has Spider-Man stitched in the seat and has a TV in the console between driver and passenger as well as in the sun visors.

Artist: Slim Thug

Whip: 1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Color: Blue

Special Features: The man who made "Like a Boss" rides more like a pimp. Slim Thugger's vehicle has Coach interior, a Coach top and tricked-out speakers on the doors. It also has custom D'Vinci wheels.

Artist: Paul Wall

Whip: 1971 Chevy Impala

Color: Miami Dolphins teal

Special Features: Wall can hit switches in his car, he has the hot paint job for sure, but what will definitely catch the ladies' attention is a miniature Miami Dolphins helmet in the window. Whut it dew?

Artist: Mike Jones

Whip: 1973 Chevy Caprice

Color: Red

Special Features: Jones will be tippin' on the VMA pre-show stage in this candy-painted ride. The motor sticks out of the hood, and the rearview mirror is shaped like a giant flame.

Artist: Shaquille O'Neal

Whip: Convertible 1991 Mercedes-Benz

Color: White

Special Features: The Diesel's two-seater is the epitome of owning bragging rights. He has the Superman emblem embroidered all throughout the car, such as in the seats and steering wheel. He also has the words "2002 MVP" detailed on the trunk facing any car behind him.

Pimped-Out Glossary:

Donks - A Chevy Caprice or Impala made between 1971-75. Donks are usually found in the Southeast (very popular in Miami) with rims that range from 22 to 28 inches.

Bubble - A Chevy Caprice made between 1991-96. Named "bubble" because of the shape of the body.

Box - A 1980-88 Chevy Caprice. Named "box" because of the square body.