Actress Scout Taylor-Compton Found After Two-Week Disappearance

Police say 16-year-old turned up at a friend's house, no foul play was involved.

Sixteen-year-old actress Scout Taylor-Compton, who recently vanished from her family, friends and the media for nearly two weeks, has been found at a friend's house and is back home safely with her parents.

Taylor-Compton, who has appeared in the television show "Gilmore Girls" and acted in last year's feature film "Sleepover," had gone missing from her home in the Southern California community of Apple Valley on August 12. According to San Bernardino County Police, the actress' mother had reported her missing and the authorities were considering the redheaded child actor to be a runaway.

Taylor-Compton was found Thursday (August 25) in Apple Valley and is doing fine, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department told MTV News. "Apparently she was just staying with friends," said Cindy Beavers, their public-information officer.

A deputy responded to a call from the Apple Valley School police, who had received information regarding the young actress' whereabouts.

"The deputy went to the house, picked her up, took her to the station where he completed an interview with her and determined that there was no foul play involved and she was not harmed," Beavers added.

The police confirmed that Taylor-Compton ran away from home and is back home with her father and stepmother in Apple Valley.

Taylor-Compton, who has been acting since before her 10th birthday, has also appeared on such television shows as "Charmed," "That's So Raven" and "Frasier."

[This story was originally published on 08.25.05 at 1:40 p.m. ET]