'Unfabulous' Star Emma Roberts Is A Singer And She Plays One On TV

The 14-year-old singer/actress recently shot a video for her first single, 'I Wanna Be.'

Another one of Eric Roberts' relatives is following in his footsteps.

Roberts, who recently emerged as a video star with roles in the Killers' "Mr. Brightside" and Mariah Carey's "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" (see "Mariah, Killers Anointed Eric Roberts As Unexpected VMAs King"), saw little sister Julia Roberts take the leap in a Dave Matthews Band video (see "Julia Roberts Is A Literal 'Dreamgirl' In Surreal Dave Matthews Band Clip"). And now Eric's daughter, Emma Roberts, is shooting a video of her own.

The 14-year-old star of Nickelodeon's "Unfabulous," will make her music-video debut in a clip for the lead single from Unfabulous and More, a series soundtrack of sorts, due September 27.

Six of the songs featured on the show have made their way to the 10-track album, but Roberts added a little something extra for her fans. "I also thought it would be fun to throw in a few original songs," Roberts said.

One of those is "I Wanna Be," her first single. "It's a really fun, upbeat song that just says have fun and love life," Roberts said.

The actress recently wrapped the shoot for the "I Wanna Be" video, which co-stars two of her real-life friends. "We did it at a mini-golf course and it was just a blast," Roberts said.

Roberts is coming up behind several other young actresses-turned-singers, including Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, and she is well aware of that fact.

"A lot of actresses and actors are doing albums now, and a long time ago I'd just be like, 'I'm not gonna do that,' because everyone's doing it," Roberts said. "But then on the show I sing and play guitar [portraying the appropriately named Addie Singer], so it's kind of a natural thing to do an album."

Emma's musical aspirations aren't slowing down her acting career, however. The new season of "Unfabulous" premieres September 10, and her film "Aquamarine" — co-starring JoJo, a singer crossing over into acting — is due out April 14 (see "JoJo Gushes About 'R.V.' Adventure With Robin Williams").

When Unfabulous and More hits stores, Roberts might hit the stage for some special performances, although she's not exactly looking forward to it.

"I'll be honest: I have a bit of stage fright, singing-wise," she admitted. "Singing, I'm still getting used to, and it's kind of embarrassing just because everyone's watching, either going, 'I love you' or 'I hate you.' "