Lohan Still A Redhead On Toy-Store Shelves, In Cartoons

'Herbie' star releases Barbie doll, preps animated DVD.

With her newly acquired blond tresses and constantly diminishing waistline, Lindsay Lohan has spent a good portion of the last year being compared to a Barbie doll. Now she really is one.

(Click for photos of the Lindsay Lohan doll.)

Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Mattel have teamed up with the "Mean Girls" superstar for an animated straight-to-video release called "My Scene Goes Hollywood," as well as an accompanying Lindsay doll with interchangeable high heels and a red-carpet outfit that (according to the movie's press release) "complements her fashion-forward sense of style." Mattel also offers a sold-separately "Dressing Room" play set and Hummer-type "Party Limo."

For those who've lost touch with the adventures of America's favorite fun-loving plaything (no, not Lindsay), Barbie has recently undergone a reinvention as she and her "My Scene" friends (Madison, Chelsea, Nolee and Delancey) have left Ken in the dust for some G-rated "Sex in the City"-type female bonding.

In the "Hollywood" DVD (due August 30), Barbie and her buddies stumble onto the set of a "D.E.B.S."-like action comedy about a school that secretly trains teen government spies. After they befriend the still-redheaded teen sensation on the set, Lohan informs them she's just a normal girl, a statement she reaffirms by challenging them on an air-hockey table (she loses) and a "Dance Dance Revolution"-type machine (she wins).

Older viewers may recognize a cameo by a flatteringly svelte depiction of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. For the film to truly work on two levels, however, one need look no further than the memorable moments that present Lohan as a Yoda-type figure, dispensing sage advice to her impressionable new friends.

"No way, that's so cool," one of the "My Scene" characters responds to a story about the paparazzi following a star.

"Yeah, for like, a minute," Lohan replies. "Try going out for coffee in old baggy sweats when you've barely slept and your hair's a mess and see how cool it is then."

"Hollywood," which centers around Madison getting a role in Lohan's movie and dealing with the big head that accompanies her new fame, ends with the girls piling into the aforementioned Party Limo and indulging in the (presumably alcohol-free) slushy beverages dispensed by a built-in fountain. With flashbulbs popping, the statuesque beauties join hands and work the red carpet.

The Lindsay Lohan doll is now available at toy stores everywhere.