Lohan To Direct Video For Song About Her Family Drama

Singer/actress' parents are in the midst of a messy divorce trial.

Lindsay Lohan can act, but can she direct? We're about to find out.

The singer/actress is getting behind the camera to direct the video for a song that addresses her much-publicized family issues — specifically her ongoing drama with her father, Michael. The video is for a still-untitled new song, which she's thinking about calling either "Daughter to Father" or "Confessions of a Broken Heart," according to her label rep.

Tommy Mottola, the head of Lohan's label, Casablanca, said he suggested the pop star try her hand at directing this time since she has "complete knowledge of the medium" as well as "even a greater understanding of the material." While he wouldn't disclose what the concept for the video is just yet, he called her visual ideas for the clip "absolutely incredible." "Lindsay is one of the most talented, creative, and intuitive people I've ever met," he said.

So far, Lohan hasn't said much publicly about her father's multiple arrests or her parents' divorce trial, which started August 3 in Nassau County Supreme Court in Long Island, New York. The actress canceled the remainder of her "Herbie: Fully Loaded" promotional tour in Europe to bolster her mother, Dina, who is seeking full custody of Lindsay's three siblings, as well as alimony and damages.

"I don't think any girl wants to see her parents in this situation," Lohan told People recently. "I've been hurt. My mom has always been a great support, and she has put so much of her own life into my career. I do worry about her."

Lindsay had also disputed her dad's claims that he has a right to a share of her or her mom's earnings when she talked to W magazine in April, saying, "He doesn't even deserve my respect" and insisting that he "didn't do anything for my career." What she did attribute to her father was a lot of grief, since he would "go out and not come home at night and make me and my mom stay up and wonder where he was and then show up three days later. So I don't think he deserves anything."

Judge Robert Ross has banned the media from the trial, but not before it got out that Dina is accusing Michael of assault and rape. In turn, Michael's lawyer called her a liar. Michael is currently serving one to four years in prison for multiple but unrelated crimes, including assault and driving while intoxicated (see "Lindsay Lohan's Father Arrested For Criminal Contempt, DWI").

There's no word yet on when or where the video will be shot, what parts of the family drama it will depict, where the song will be released, or who's been cast to play her mother and father. But perhaps — after his star turns in videos for Mariah Carey and the Killers — Eric Roberts would make a good Michael Lohan.