Beanie Blasts 'Disloyal' State Property, Explains Why He's With Dame And Not Jay-Z

Beans calls Young Jeezy's raps one of the few good things he heard while in jail.

Young Jeezy says his main goal in rapping is to motivate the thugs, and if you listen to Beanie Sigel, the Southern star is accomplishing his mission.

Traveling from Fairton, New Jersey, to Philadelphia on Tuesday, Sig said one of the few MCs who moved him while he was in jail the past 10 months was the man behind Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

"I ain't write one rap since I was in jail," Beanie, surrounded by friends like Dame Dash and an assortment of family members, said from a tour bus. "I was in the box. I did seven, eight [months] in the hole. Only thing I could is listen to is the radio. Listening to the radio, I'm hearing the same stuff over and over. I just started feeling a little bit better when I was listening to my man Young Jeezy. I was like, 'OK!'

" 'If it ain't locking up, bring it back,' " he continued, reciting some lyrics. " 'You was short anyway, bring a stack/ ... Patty cake, patty cake microwave/ Circles make a square/ Damn, I paid.' Other than that, ain't no real motivation."

Sigel has plenty of incentive now that he's out of jail (see "Beanie Sigel Released From Prison"). After passing through the gates of Fairton's Federal Correctional Institution on Tuesday, he was greeted by his family and friends in New Jersey like Prince Akeem returning to Zumunda.

"It ain't nothing but a free thing, baby," he said, walking up to his loved ones, who were practically waiting in line to hug him.

After the show of affection, it was time to break out. "I'm trying to get as far way from this place as possible," Sigel said. "Let's go."

On the bus, Sigel showed no signs of being shell-shocked — he was ready to talk as Dame presented him with several boxes of his new sneakers. His as in the kicks are part of Beanie's State Property Pro Keds line. One brown pair actually smelled like chocolate, while another pair, which were white, smelled like vanilla, causing Beans to laugh.

From all indications, State Property clothing and kicks may be the only still-relevant incarnation of the name. Beanie maintains what Dash told MTV several weeks ago: He is disappointed in some of the actions of his once tight-knit rap crew. Sigel said although he still loves the Young Gunz, Peedi Crakk and Freeway like brothers, he doesn't know if he'll ever record music with them again.

"Do I think they were disloyal for going with Jay[-Z]? Nah," he said. "My whole thing is they were disloyal to me period. ... Just not being there, period, for me. Not for the [business] decisions they made. ... I was mad because they weren't loyal to me period. Even when I was on house arrest, before I got booked, I didn't get a phone call. I never got one letter from any of them since I been jail. Oschino and Sparks are the only ones that kept in contact with me."

Sigel said he never had to look far to find Dame Dash or Dash's partner Kareem "Biggs" Burke while he was in jail. That factored heavily in his decision to run with the Damon Dash Music Group instead of the new Roc-A-Fella with Jay-Z, he said.

"It's no choice," he explained. "I didn't make no choice. When people see I'm with Dame and Biggs, I'm with them together on off days. It ain't just business with us. I'm chilling with them. I've never been around Jay on an off day. It ain't like I made a choice of running with Dame and Biggs or 'Dame and Biggs held me down through my whole trial.' It's not that. I would be a sucker if I said I [signed with the Damon Dash Music Group] because they did that for me. It's love. You see how we chillin' now, this ain't about no business.

"Where's State Property at?" he added. "They knew I was getting out today. It's real! Not to say Jay ain't never did nothing for me, I got love for Jay like I do Dame and Biggs. But even if I was to sign with Roc-A-Fella, I would still be here."

Beanie isn't going to be chillin' for much longer. His list of goals is plentiful already. Dash said he's secured a litany of new beats for Sigel to rhyme to. There's talk of either a new Beanie LP or EP before the year is over (Young Jeezy, the LOX and T.I. are a few dudes he wants to work with). Dame and Beans are also contemplating re-releasing The B. Coming this year with a few new tracks. Dash has already planned a tour for Beans to kick off in October. Before then, there will be a club tour this month with Beans' first date on August 18 at New York's Club Exit.

"That was my time off right there, being in a box," Sigel said about being incarcerated. "It's time to go right back at it. I've got a lot of stuff to do. Not just this music, I've got companies to run."

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