Beanie Sigel Released From Prison

Rapper says he wasn't motivated to write rhymes while incarcerated.

Beanie Sigel is a free man.

The rapper was released from the Federal Correctional Institution of Fairton, New Jersey, Tuesday morning (August 9) at approximately 10 a.m. He was escorted out by his fiancee and his mother.

The three drove about half a mile before meeting Kareem "Biggs" Burke, Damon Dash and a host of family, friends and supporters, who were waiting in a caravan of six cars. Sigel was showered with cheers when he stepped out of his vehicle.

The MC was welcomed in true Dame Dash style. Dash presented Sigel with a DVD copy of "State Property 2" (Sig never saw the film in which he starred), some State Property clothes and a pair of sneakers from Sigel's State Property shoe line, which operates under the Pro Keds umbrella. He had a sleek black tour bus ready to take Beans from Jersey to his home in Philly. And a plethora of Beanie Sigel posters were taped to telephone poles and walls for at least two miles on the road leading out of the prison.

Dash has already announced plans for Sigel's next career moves. A Beanie tour has been planned, with his first performance slated to take place on August 18. An August 23 release date has been set for his upcoming DVD, "The B.Coming of Beanie Sigel," which features uncut versions of the BET Beanie reality shows "The Truth," "The Trial" and "House Arrest."

As for when Beanie will get back into the studio, that is still up in the air. Sigel said that he wasn't motivated to write rhymes in jail (out of the 10 months he was incarcerated, six of them were spent in solitary confinement because of fighting) and no MC in hip-hop inspires him, with the exception of Young Jeezy.

Sigel also said that despite getting into a scuffle in prison, he was shown love for the most part and is elated to be out.

The rapper was sentenced to a year and a day in prison on October 8, 2004 after pleading guilty to a federal gun charge (see "Beanie Sigel Sentenced To A Year In Prison For Gun Charge").

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