Kate Hudson Juggling Many Films, But Has 'Mind' On The Brain

Actress producing movie about magician with Alzheimer's, says 'I Dream of Jeannie' not happening.

NEW ORLEANS — Her gold-spun hair spilling over a purple sundress, Kate Hudson sat Indian-style while rocking back and forth, effectively transforming her stiff-back interview chair into a lounger. Visiting the Big Easy to discuss her upcoming thriller "The Skeleton Key," the actress' well-documented ease of spirit seemed to act as her own personal air-conditioner while fighting off the cruel Louisiana humidity. As the discussion turned to upcoming projects, Hudson revealed her plans to hopefully light up movie screens as effectively as she does a room.

"The wedding comedy?" she replied when asked about "You, Me and Dupree," a soon-to-be-filming flick that follows on the train of such nuptial-themed hits as "The Wedding Singer" and "The Wedding Planner," even going so far as to have a "Wedding Crasher" in it.

"It's not really a wedding comedy," Hudson said of what makes her film stand out. "I mean, the movie opens up with a wedding. Owen Wilson plays this guy Dupree, and he comes in and he's sort of my husband, played by Matt Dillon's, degenerate old buddy. [Dupree] loses his job, loses his apartment, moves into our house and stirs things up and gets crazy. It's funny. It's very funny, probably one of the funniest scripts I think I've read."

Directed by the maliciously clever brothers behind 2002's "Welcome to Collinwood," "Dupree" will dip into dark-comedy territory as newlyweds Hudson and Dillon scheme to get rid of their wedding's not-so-best man. "It's got twists and turns," Hudson promised. "It's a little bit of a love triangle; it's good and it's funny and it's one of those scripts that I read and I laughed so hard that I had to literally put the script down at one point. And when you do that, you're like, 'Well, I'm making this movie.' "

A script that Hudson may have once had a similar reaction to is "I Dream of Jeannie," a big-screen adaptation of the classic television show that planned to drop the 26-year-old into the iconic pink veil and tassels once sported by Barbara Eden. The former Oscar nominee admitted she was once attached to the project, however, Hudson said "Jeannie" has been stuffed back in the bottle.

"That's not happening," the actress said of the film that would have followed "Bewitched" to the big screen, similar to how the two magical-love-interest television shows debuted in the '60s. "The timing, you know, the timing is all off. It's just what happens."

The daughter of Goldie Hawn and wife of Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson will continue to rival her creative family members with a full production schedule, as she and her "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" production partner will continue to develop the romantic comedy "Can You Keep a Secret?"

"That's something I'm working on with Lynda Obst producing; it's still being written," Hudson said of the film based on the same-named novel. The story deals with a marketing executive who spills her deepest secrets to a stranger on a seemingly doomed airplane, only to discover after the plane lands safely that the stranger is her new boss. "It's still in the process of development ... we're still trying to get the story right."

Hudson had planned to make her feature-producing debut with the previously announced "Secret," but followed up that project's status report with the news that another movie had instead leapfrogged over it.

"There's a film I'm producing called 'Sleight of Mind' at New Line," Hudson smiled. "It will probably be shooting early next year.

"It's a Ron Bass script," she said of the "Rain Man" writer's tale of a young woman who befriends a charismatic magician suffering from Alzheimer's disease. During a soul-baring road trip from Florida to Las Vegas, she discovers that the man is actually her father. "Basically, it's a bit of a con-artist story but it's really a story about a father and daughter. It's dramatic."

Hudson divulged that she'll also appear in front of the cameras for the drama, playing the daughter. A New Line Cinema representative confirmed the project, with additional casting details to be announced in the months ahead.

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