Bo Bice Breaks Foot Onstage, Finishes Concert

'It's looking like no more running around for the rest of the tour,' singer says, but injury won't cause him to miss any shows.

He should have stuck with the cowboy boots.

Bo Bice, who recently switched to performing in sneakers, broke his foot Sunday night during the first song of his set in the American Idols Live tour stop in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"There's a part where I go running across the stage and do these jump-ups and flip around in circles, and normally I wear cowboy boots, but about three or four shows ago, they started sliding on me," Bo told MTV News from his hospital bed. "I was worried I was gonna trip and fall and hurt myself, so I changed to tennis shoes and they got a lot better grip, too good of a grip."

Bo landed on his foot wrong and a bone snapped. "I tried to stand back up and just collapsed," he said. "I thought, 'Something's not good here.' "

Still, Bo finished "I Don't Want to Be" and the other four songs in his solo set. When he left the stage and removed his shoe, the show's producers wanted to rush him to the hospital immediately, but he insisted on finishing his parts in the show, which included a duet with Carrie Underwood and two group numbers (see "American Idols Live Kickoff: One Ticket, 10 Different Concerts").

At the hospital in Manchester, Bo was X-rayed and diagnosed with a broken foot, a twisted ankle and a pulled muscle. After a couple of shots, however, he made the 10-hour bus ride to Cleveland, where he immediately checked into to another hospital for treatment.

"I think I'm gonna get away with wearing an air cast and I'm going to have to use this bone-regenerator kinda thing," Bo said. "It's looking like no more running around for the rest of the tour. I'm gonna be stuck trying to pull off a piano song or something."

Bo will return to the stage for Tuesday's show in Cleveland without having missed any concert stops (see "American Idols Live Tour Dates Announced").

"This won't change the tour at all," he said. "The people will still get their money's worth. I encourage everybody to come out and have some fun and have a good laugh at the crippled guy."

The injury, apparently, has not harmed Bo's sense of humor.

"I guess people will get a kind of, ahem, stool sample of Bo," joked the singer about performing on a stool as opposed to standing.

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