Incubus Battle Army Of Beetles, Heat For Sandstorm Video

Insects mobbed band while it shot 'Make a Move' clip in Death Valley, California.

In medieval folklore, an incubus was a male demon who attacked and seduced women in their sleep. One of them, legend has it, fathered the great magician Merlin.

In today's "folklore," Incubus are a bunch of dudes from California who are terrified by bugs. One of them, legend has it, once rocked a white-guy afro of truly epic proportions.

About the whole bug thing: Incubus didn't always know they were frightened by our little six-legged friends. That whole phobia came to light when they filmed the video for "Make a Move," the lead single off the soundtrack to the Jamie Foxx/ Jessica Biel flick "Stealth," which hits theaters Friday (July 29)(see "I, Fighter Jet").

Working with director Marc Webb (My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay [I Promise]" and "Helena") in Death Valley, California, Incubus suffered through two very dusty, very buggy, very unpleasant days to make the sandstorm-inspired clip. And they say they'll never, ever go back.

"The only way we're going back to the desert is if we're doing some sort of Doors tribute or something," Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd laughed. "Like, if we were on a bunch of peyote and following a naked Indian spiritual guide around the desert. But after all the things we saw out there, I don't want to go back anytime soon."

"It was brutal," drummer Jose Pasillas sighed. "We had sand in every orifice of our body. And it was so hot. But then at night, we were watching thousands of black beetles and black locusts popping out of the ground to go hunting for food. It was like an army coming for you. And they were huge. I'm petrified of bugs, so I'd be in the middle of a take, and one of them would land on my shoulder and I'd freak out. And every few minutes, you'd hear someone start screaming because they'd have a beetle in their hair. We're pretty much just a bunch of bitches."

Fair enough. "Make a Move" is just one of three new tunes Incubus contributed to the "Stealth" soundtrack (the other two being "Admiration" and "Neither of Us Can See"), all of which were produced by Brendan O'Brien, who helmed the sessions for the band's last album, 2004's A Crow Left of the Murder. According to Boyd, the "Stealth" songs are a good indication as to where Incubus are headed on their next album, which they hope to have in stores next year.

"We'll definitely be working with Brendan again, for sure. We're just getting into that frame of mind," Boyd explained. "We've written a few songs, but we haven't done what we normally do, which is get into a room and really write. We're planning on going to Europe in August for a few weeks, and then when we get home, it's time to knuckle down and get to work on the new album. Making these songs re-energized us. And now it's time."