Keep Tippin': Mike Jones To Release New LP By Year's End; Phone Not Disconnected

MC also says he's planning acting career, clothing line.

HOLLYWOOD — Mike Jones is still rippin' up the charts with Who is Mike Jones? — which came out just three months ago — but he's already moving on to his next album. The Houston rapper/superpromoter plans to release his third official full-length, American Dreams, by the end of the year.

"We're just trying to do everything like we've been doing," Jones said backstage at the recent BET Awards. "I really want to keep it the same. I don't really want to explore, unless the song is just crazy, crazy jammin'. I'm gonna keep hollerin' at the same dudes who helped me go certified platinum in a very, very quick time, so I don't want to change up any people right now. I like my old Mike Jones — I'm just going to keep it me."

Before releasing American Dreams, Jones and his seven-man crew, Da Ice Age, will release a mixtape, Ice Age Volume 2: The Takeover, followed by an official LP.

Jones, whose "Still Tippin' " is nominated for an MTV2 Award at this year's Video Music Awards (see "Green Day, Gwen, Missy Nab Most Nominations For MTV Video Music Awards"), is also looking to get into acting and designing clothes.

"I'm gonna start getting into the denim," he said. "Represent Texas, baby!"

And although calls to Jones' now-famous phone number frequently are met with a "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" message, his publicist said the line is still active — it's just busy because he's getting 3,000 calls a day.

Jones will perform at a free show Saturday at House of Blues in Chicago as part of MTV2's Sucker Free Concert Series. On Friday (July 29), he'll be signing autographs for fans at the Verizon Wireless Store in Inglewood, California.

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