Frank Black Says Pixies 'Getting Closer' To Making New LP

'We gotta do something else if we're going to ... continue to make money,' he says.

After the San Diego Street Scene on Saturday, the Newport Folk Festival next weekend and a European tour in August, the Pixies will call an end to their triumphant reunion — and that could be a good thing for fans.

"We gotta do something else if we're going to go out there and continue to make money," singer/guitarist Frank Black explained recently. "I mean, we could keep doing it the way we're doing it, but it might ... at some point, we'll be overstaying our welcome, so to speak, as the reunited band. We have to either stop being reunited and go back to our lives or do something vital and relevant."

That something could very well be the first Pixies studio album in 14 years. Fans have speculated about the possibility of another album since the band first reunited last spring, but the Pixies have avoided the subject in interviews and seemingly with each other (see "New Pixies LP Unlikely, But Another New Track's On The Way").

But, "as the high-paying gigs get fewer and fewer, yes, we're getting closer," joked Black, who was known as Black Francis during the Pixies' initial tenure. "We haven't thought about it too much. I'm sure we'd make a fine record, we just haven't done it yet."

The recording sessions would not come immediately, however, as bassist Kim Deal is making another reunion album of sorts, with the Breeders, and Black is hoping to tour behind his just-released solo album, Honeycomb (see "Frank Black Covers Elvis, Duets With Ex-Wife On Dylanesque Album").

Black is also putting the finishing touches on another solo album he recorded in October, tentatively titled The Sicilian.

"I guess there's a Mario Puzo ['The Godfather'] book called 'The Sicilian,' so I don't know, I can't decide if I should continue to call it that," Black said.

The Pixies singer wrote some of the songs with Reid Paley, who co-authored the Honeycomb tune "Another Velvet Nightmare," although Black said the follow-up is quite different.

"I did a song that's musically based on some famous classical music," Black said. "So that has a sophisticated, kind of Leonard Cohen vibe. I don't know. The record hasn't officially been declared finished. We're just not in a rush."

As for this summer's Pixies tour, the band has added some different tunes to its set, including "Stormy Weather," but otherwise, not much has changed.

"It sort of feels like the same summer," Black said. "I have to keep reminding myself it's a different summer."

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