Petey Pablo Eyez Tupac, Teams With Timbaland, Lil Jon

Rapper also working with Suge Knight, Timbaland for Death Row release.

HOLLYWOOD — If you're wondering how Southern rapper Petey Pablo ended up on onetime West Coast powerhouse Death Row Records, you're not alone.

"I have often asked myself the same thing," Pablo said. "But if you accept what life is supposed to be, then there's things that'll happen in your life that you won't fully understand until later on in life, but when the understanding comes at the end of the day, everything that you ever had questions about will be no more. What God put together, let no man take it apart."

Pablo offered no details about how he ended up in business with Suge Knight, but confirmed that the Death Row founder is executive producing his next album, Same Eyez on Me.

"It's like Tupac's album All Eyez on Me, which was his greatest album," Petey said of the title. "And I think this is following in the footsteps, 'cause this is my greatest album. I've been so focused and I'm ready. I've been overlooked for a long time."

Pablo is still finalizing the track list for the album, which doesn't yet have a release date, but he's so far recorded with Timbaland, Magoo, newcomers the Strike Team, R&B singer Bobby Green and Lil Jon, who produced the single "Freek-a-Leek" from Petey's last album, 2004's Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry (see "Flowers? No, Petey Pablo Gives Studio Time For Mother's Day").

"I got a lot of material," he said. "I've recorded over like 200 songs since I been out here. People have told me I've recorded more songs than Tupac."

And Pablo's not just writing songs. He's also written a movie called "When the Fat Lady Sings."

"I can't give [the premise] away right now, 'cause somebody might try to get me," said Petey, who is also acting (see "Petey Pablo, The Black Robert De Niro?"). "I was just on 'The Shield' recently. ... So I just got a whole lot of stuff going on."

There's only one thing he's not been able to accomplish.

"I just can't find a girlfriend," he said. "Everybody keep thinking that I'm just a rapper and they scared to go to the hotels and all that other stuff, 'cause they hear about things that go on with y'all rappers. But I want some kids, man. I mean, I got a lot of animals, but I want some kids. My sister told me to have some babies."