How To Beat A Cheat, Keyshia Cole Style: Cheat On Him

New video deals with an unfaithful man who's full of accusations.

LOS ANGELES — It's no secret that Keyshia Cole has turned her painful experiences with an unfaithful ex into fuel for her music. Her pain was evident in her first two singles, "I Changed My Mind" and "(I Just Want It) To Be Over." Now, looking back, she wishes would've gotten even by giving him a dose of his own medicine.

In the video for her third single, "I Should Have Cheated," the R&B newcomer recently paired up with director Benny Boom to tell the story of her relationship with a man who accuses her of everything that he is guilty of.

(See photos from the set of "I Should Have Cheated.")

"I'm chilling with my homegirls and he thinks I'm out with somebody else, but in actuality he's out with somebody else," Keyshia explained. "I think it's just basically what most guys do when they're cheating on you. They always wanna say how bad you're doing, and they're actually doing everything that they are accusing you of.

"So when somebody is accusing you of cheating all the time, [you] might as well have," Cole said. "That's the concept, you know? I should have cheated if you're gonna' accuse me all the time."

In the clip, according to the treatment, Keyshia gradually finds bits of evidence that show her what her man is up to. As it unfolds, the video periodically cuts to Cole in a recording studio with 112's Daron and Q, who wrote the song for her.

"Daron did a song with Kelly Price that I was a big fan of," Cole said. "I just like his producing skills and his writing skills and, you know, all his talent. It was great to me. So I saw him at a video shoot one day and asked if I could work with him. I don't think it was really in my budget, but he got paid eventually, and it all worked out, which is great 'cause a lot of people like that don't work with new artists. So it was a blessing to actually work with him."

Cole said it was also a blessing to have her good friend Free, host of BET's "106 and Park," stop by to show some love and be in the video. "Free is one of my homegirls," she said. "She really wants to be involved, and I think that's really cool. She's a down-to-earth person. I met her one time and ever since then we've just been cool."

It seems Keyshia Cole is cool with just about everyone in the biz (see "Keyshia Cole Has Kanye, Shyne On LP, Proof That Stalking MC Hammer Pays Off"). On her debut album, The Way It Is, she worked with artists such as Kanye West, Jadakiss, Shyne, John Legend and Eve. She's shared the stage with big-ticket acts like Usher, T.I. and Nelly, and she's currently working on a song with Diddy for his new album. With all this on her plate, who else is there to work with?

"I would like to work with Mary [J. Blige] or Brandy," she said. "I don't know if the next album will be the time, but if not the next album then the album after that."

Well, no matter when that time may be, it seems at least one of those artists is a lock.

"I love Keyshia Cole," Brandy exclaimed recently at the "Hustle & Flow" premiere. "Big fan of Keyshia Cole. She's a great writer. I would love to work with her. I've asked her a thousand times to write me something and maybe get together and do a duet or something. She's a friend of the family."