Courtney Love Rushed To Los Angeles Hospital

Former Hole leader complained of feeling faint at event.

Courtney Love was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Wednesday night after the former Hole frontwoman complained of feeling faint while attending a music-industry event at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

A spokesperson for Love, the widow of grunge icon Kurt Cobain, said she was treated and released, according to Reuters. The incident occurred just two days before Love's expected appearance before a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, who will be presented Friday (July 22) with of a status report on the progress the musician has made attending a court-ordered drug-treatment program.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told Reuters that officers were called to the hotel just after midnight to take a crime report on the incident. No further details were provided, as the report's contents are confidential. But Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Melissa Kelly told the wire service that emergency personnel responded to a drug-overdose call at the Roosevelt shortly after midnight, and subsequently transported an individual to a nearby hospital for treatment; Kelly's records did not identify the overdose victim.

Michael Rosenstein, Love's attorney, told Reuters that the troubled rocker was making "fantastic" progress in her rehabilitation efforts. He added that since March, she's consistently passed routine drug screenings.

Love was sentenced on February 10 to three years' probation and anger-management training after the singer changed her plea from not guilty to no contest, meaning she would not dispute an assault charge. Charges stemmed from an incident in April 2004, when she allegedly attacked L.A. musician Kristin King, whom she found sleeping on her ex-boyfriend's couch.

Originally, Love was charged with a felony assault count which was downgraded to a misdemeanor as part of a plea agreement she'd accepted from Los Angeles prosecutors (see "Courtney Resolves Assault, Possession Cases With Plea Deal"). That agreement extended to her drug-possession case (in 2003, she was arrested for illegally possessing painkillers and a forged prescription), in which she'd also changed her plea to guilty.