Alchemist On Bus Crash: 'I Was Flying Like A Dishrag'

DJ says he thought he was going to die when tour bus overturned in Missouri.

Simply unimaginable.

Alchemist says he thought he was going to die last week when his tour bus overturned in Missouri (see "Anger Management Tour Bus Crashes; Stat Quo, Eminem's DJ Among Those Injured"). While he saw that his bus was going to collide with a big rig, it happened so fast that there was nothing he or anyone else could do to avoid the accident.

"I was in the front of the bus. Me, Stat Quo and one of our security guys, Scott," Alchemist said Monday (July 18) from Los Angeles, where he's recovering from three fractured ribs and a bruised lung. "My brother Neil, Stat's manager, Zeke, and Obie Trice's trainer was in the back. I pretty much saw the whole sh--. [Our] driver did an ill-advised move. He tried to swerve around a car doing 85 and advance on the highway when he could have taken it easy.

"We started screaming when he swerved 'cause the bus went on two wheels," Al continued. "Then he spun the wheel the other way and the bus went back on the other two wheels. At that point the bus was out of control. It was two semis in front of us, and the bus clipped the back of one of the semis. ... We spun backward one time and we flipped."

Al said he tried to brace for the crash but the impact caused everything to fly — including himself.

"I tried to hold onto the table 'cause I knew we was going to flip," he said. "When that bus flipped, the couch, the table, anything I could hold onto was in the air and I was flying like a dishrag. If you saw the inside of the bus, you'd really be like, 'How did anybody survive this?' The inside was torn to sh--."

Alchemist says he was relieved once the bus stopped spinning: although he was hurt, he was still alive. Stat Quo was the first person he saw, but then relief quickly turned back to horror when he couldn't see his brother, as the wreckage left the back of the bus barricaded. With his lung injured, Alchemist had difficulty breathing and was rushed to the hospital, still not knowing what happened to Neil. Finally, upon arriving to a local hospital, Neil sent word to Alchemist through a doctor that he was OK, and the brothers were later reunited.

Neil is in an L.A. hospital recovering from surgery he had Monday. He fractured his spine in two places, which has required two metal rods and screws in his neck. Luckily Neil was able to avoid paralysis, and doctors say he should be back to normal within three months. Alchemist, also on the road to recovery, wants to return to his role as Eminem's DJ on the Anger Management Tour ASAP.

"I'm gonna leave it all in God's hands, but I'm shooting for a week, maybe two weeks," Alchemist said about getting back behind the turntables. "But I'm just gonna take it easy, till I'm fully there. My injuries are the type where they have to heal themselves, so I need to be resting. But my duties on the tour aren't that strenuous. So when I feel right — hopefully a week or two — I'll be back. That's my optimistic projection."

In the meantime, Eminem has been relying on D12's DJ Salem Wreck; once Al is ready, he will have his spot back. Last week in Denver, Em gave Al a huge shout-out while performing onstage and encouraged the crowd to yell along, which it did.

Alchemist wants to make sure his fans know he is humbled by and thankful for all the well-wishing.

"That was dope. It made us feel better knowing people are keeping us on their minds," he said. "It's crazy that it takes something tragic to happen that you realize ... I've been going online and seeing how many people are showing love. You realize like damn, a lot of people care, a lot of people appreciate you. That sh-- felt good."