Foo Fighters/ Weezer Tour Confirmed — But The Suspense Continues ...

We've got the wheres, but they still won't say when.

It was probably the worst-kept secret in the history of rock-and-roll touring, but after months of speculation, it has been confirmed that the Foo Fighters and Weezer will join forces on a co-headlining arena tour starting in early September.

As recently as Tuesday, management reps for both acts were playing coy with info on the tour (see "Where Will The Foo Fighters/ Weezer Tour Play? Good Question"), acknowledging that it probably would happen, but withholding somewhat important details like actual dates, cities and venues. On Friday (July 15), 23 cities that the tour will hit were announced — but nothing else.

And you thought "Trapped in the Closet" was suspenseful.

Fans and the media weren't the only ones who seemed to be in the dark about the whole thing. When MTV News spoke with members of the Foos during last month's "24 Hours of Foo" special on MTV2 (see "Tireless Dave Grohl Screams Twice As Hard On Double LP"), they were equally excited — and mystified — by the idea of touring with the Weez.

"The next year for this band is going to be packed with touring — we're going to be doing stuff back-to-back. But we're really excited about touring with Weezer," drummer Taylor Hawkins said. "Nothing's in concrete yet, but we know when and where we're going to do it."

"I hope it's confirmed. We keep talking about it," joked guitarist Chris Shiflett. "It'd be great. I'll beg if I have to: Please tour with us, Weezer!"

Well, Shiflett can quit groveling, because although Friday's announcement is not a definitive tour itinerary, it is at least a start.

The cities, in the order they're listed in the press release, are as follows: Atlanta; Sunrise, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Houston; Austin, Texas; Dallas; San Diego; Phoenix; Denver; Minneapolis; Chicago; Champaign, Illinois; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Detroit; Cleveland; Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore; Worcester, Massachusetts; New York; Philadelphia; Fresno, California; Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

More cities are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, as well as venues, ticket prices — and hey, maybe some dates! The Kaiser Chiefs have already been confirmed as the openers on one leg of the tour, from September 29 to October 11.

According to management for both bands, the Foo/ Weez co-headlining tour will run until late October.

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