Jesse McCartney To Resume The Time Of His Life On Tour

Singer/actor plans to take Beautiful Soul back on the road starting August 1.

SANTA CLARA, California — It hasn't even been two weeks since Jesse McCartney vacated his tour bus, but the 18-year-old actor/musician is already plotting his next worldwide trek.

"I'm going back out starting in the beginning of August, probably until the end of September, so it's another two-month run," McCartney told MTV News recently. "Half of it will be here in the States again, and I'll probably hit the cities I missed the first time around."

The cherub-faced pop star just wrapped the first leg of his breakout headlining solo trek, the Beautiful Soul tour, with a July 10 show in Los Angeles. "I've just had the best time of my life these last seven weeks," said the singer, whose solo debut album has been certified platinum.

McCartney will kick off his second installment of tour dates on August 1 in Cary, North Carolina, wind his way cross-country, and then prep for some overseas dates which are still being confirmed, according to his record label. McCartney did reveal a handful of tentative gigs, including plans that will take the blond heartthrob back to the land Down Under.

"We're going to Australia, which I went to for a promotional tour and fell in love with it," McCartney said. "It's amazing. [We're going to] Sydney, Melbourne, and I think we're going to Perth as well. So I'll be there for a few weeks, and then I'll probably [go to] Tokyo for a week or two also."

McCartney is looking forward to seeing his legion of old fans, many of whom have grown up along with the former Dream Street member since he joined the now-defunct boy band when he was 14. Still, he hopes to see some fresh faces in the crowd as well.

"I am hoping the audiences are getting bigger and there are more fans, otherwise, I'm doing something wrong," he joked. "But my demographic has expanded a bit. I think some of the fans I grew up with are now 17 and 18 years old. Then there are some that are a little older, and there's obviously a bunch that are younger, but I think a wider range in age is [a cool thing]."

While his music career is hitting a high note, it hasn't been all smooth sailing for McCartney. His acting career took a hit when his sun-soaked drama 'Summerland' was axed by the WB earlier this year. "[The show] was canceled a couple of months ago," he said. "We were up against a couple of big shows, so they kind of drowned us."

McCartney says he will no longer be doing TV, but he still has plans to shoot the independent feature film "Keith" later this year. "It's a great script," he said. "I think a big studio will pick it up, hopefully."

If the actor/musician has his way, he hopes to pursue both career paths well into the future.

"[Acting and singing] are two totally different worlds, and they're both very fulfilling in their own ways," he explained. "With acting, you get to be behind the camera and there are no fans or people screaming. It's a lot more quiet and focused.

"Then when you're onstage, it's all about the decibels and how you can save your ears from popping," McCartney laughed. "But they're both great. I have no preference."

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