LL Cool J To Test Ladies' Love In 'Fatal Attraction'

Multi-picture deal with Lions Gate banks on rapper/actor's appeal with women.

It is, after all, right there in the name: Ladies Love Cool J. Given his patented pull with women, Lions Gate Films has signed a multi-picture deal with LL Cool J in the hopes of attracting black female moviegoers to the cineplex.

The first movie in the deal will be an urban remake of "Fatal Attraction," according to The Hollywood Reporter. LL — who has previously starred in films including "Deliver Us From Eva" and "Deep Blue Sea" — will take the role Michael Douglas played in the 1987 original, portraying a guy who gets way more than he bargained for when he starts an extramarital affair. The movie that convinced a generation of married men to keep it in their pants was recently remade as a Greek stage tragedy, currently playing off-Broadway in New York and starring ex-kid actor Corey Feldman ("Stand By Me," "The Goonies").

"What we are looking to do with LL is to get high-quality material that will attract talent," Michael Paseornek, president of production at Lions Gate said of the bid to tap into an "underserved and often ignored" segment of the moviegoing population. "We are not looking to develop gimmicks but make real movies. LL has a huge following and is very credible with women."

As "Attraction" gets moving, Lions Gate will develop two more projects for the rapper/actor, who will get a producer's credit on each movie. The film company hopes to roll out two of its low-budget ($10 million) LL flicks a year if possible.

"This is the perfect transition for me as I can now pour all my energy and creative juices into this fresh and exciting producing venture," LL said in a statement.

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