R. Kelly Shoots More Chapters For 'Trapped In The Closet' Saga

Singer's new videos will continue to tell a central story.

R. Kelly is prone to giving fans a show even if it's not at a show.

On July 5 at Chicago's Esquire movie theater, Kelly screened his five-part mini-movie "Trapped in the Closet" (see "Check Out The Mini-Movie For R. Kelly's 'Trapped In The Closet'") and gave onlookers an added treat as well: The Pied Piper debuted the songs for chapters six through 10 of "Trapped in the Closet" and even acted out the words to one of the episodes before hosting a party at Le Passage.

(Check out chapters one through five of "Trapped in the Closet" on MTV Overdrive.)

Over the weekend, Kelly began shooting videos for "Trapped in the Closet" chapters six through 10, which all continue a central story. Production is said to be wrapping this week, and as with the predecessors, Kelly is co-directing.

Although his reps haven't disclosed much about the songs or videos, his record company said they take up right where chapter five ended and will keep fans guessing about what'll happen next.

There is no word yet on when the new videos will be released, but Kelly's TP.3 Reloaded was released last week, and by all indications it will have a strong debut on the sales chart come Wednesday.