On Her Way To Prison, Lil' Kim Says 'Shut Up Bitch'

Rapper's new single addresses people spreading rumors.

The day after Lil' Kim was sentenced to one year and a day in prison for perjury, the Queen Bee released the official first single from her next album, The Naked Truth.

The single is called "Shut Up Bitch" and finds Kim addressing the rumors and chatter about her life. On the record, voices question whether Kim is "sniffin' coke," broke or rich, if she's had plastic surgery and whether or not she writes her own rhymes, among other things. She responds in her usually feisty way, firing back: "You ain't paying my bills, you ain't saying nothing/ ... Get your facts straight."

Of course the knockout punch in each verse is when Kim commands, "Shut up, bitch." The Queen Bee also addresses gossipmonger Star Jones, claiming the TV personality has it in for her.

There is no word yet on whether a video for "Shut Up Bitch" will be shot, but The Naked Truth is due September 13 and will feature production from 7 Aurelius, Scott Storch, Fredwreck, Spyder, Hot Runner and Kanye West. Kim is scheduled to begin serving her sentence on September 19 (see "Lil' Kim Gets A Year And A Day In Prison").